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Anyone who enjoys the beauty of these maps, atlases, supplements, and indexes can join this group to share their knowledge of this very interesting specialized area of collecting Geographics

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Map Indexes 16 Replies

I would like to add a few more map indexes that I have not seen listed.  They are as follows:1.1949 Europe and the Near East; I have both a dark globe and the uncolored globe2.1950Classical Lands; I have both globes3. 1950 Africa...; I have both…Continue

Started by Jeffry Persons. Last reply by George Thomas Wilson Mar 2.

'New' discovery in an old pile -- Oct. 1889 map: N. Carolina-Tenn. 8 Replies

from the centennial index booklet "Maps of the United States and the World,and Cartography at the National Geographic Society ~ 1888-1988"RE: the first loose map supplement in an NGM; on the sixth page of this Centennial Index booklet I've only just…Continue

Started by Scott T. Shier. Last reply by Melvin L. De Vilbiss Feb 25.

Non-Supplement Map Indices 1 Reply

I have just acquired my second Non-Supplement Map and Index to add to my collection.  This one is titled "Lands of the Bible Today".  The map is dated 1963 while the index is copyrighted 1962.  The map is a revision of the 1956 map supplement that…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Scott T. Shier Jan 28.

Two-Sided Alaska/Top of the World Map 4 Replies

About a month ago, I notice a two-sided map for sale on eBay.  On one side was Alaska and on the other was the Top of the World.  It was dated 1971.  I immediately checked Roger Nathan's book to see if I could find information in the chapter on…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by George Thomas Wilson Dec 9, 2014.

The Evolution of the “Map” of Antarctica on the cover of the National Geographic Magazine 2 Replies

The Evolution of the “Map” of Antarctica on the cover of the National Geographic MagazineEveryone knows that the familiar yellow and oak leaf covers of the NGM had four globes embedded amongst the foliage: Northern and Southern hemispheres on the…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Scott T. Shier Nov 12, 2014.

Index 0 3 Replies

In my 30 plus year career in public health, first as a lab assistant, than as a programmer, and finally as a data processing manager, I have trained myself to approach any subject in a statistical manner. In epidemiology, when studying an outbreak…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Melvin L. De Vilbiss Oct 8, 2014.

Post-Nathan Map Indexes 36 Replies

BackgroundIn his book “Collectibles of the National Geographic Society” (1982) Roger Nathan carefully documents each map supplement published with a list that includes year, month, name, additional descriptive information, and dimensions (pages…Continue

Tags: indexes, map

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by George Thomas Wilson Sep 25, 2014.

The End of the NatGeo Map Supplement? 18 Replies

In recent years National Geographic has published fewer and fewer maps as supplements to their monthly magazine.  From the 1940s through the 2000s there would be 4 or 5 maps per year.In October 2009 National Geographic started a new type of…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Scott T. Shier Sep 20, 2014.

Multiple-Map Indexes 11 Replies

In my rather long-winded rant about map indexes, I referenced two "collectibles" as part of my case for additional, revised map indexes.  The Centennial Index box set (1989) and The Close-Up USA box set (1978) each contain an index for multiple…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Melvin L. De Vilbiss Aug 21, 2014.

Annual Indexes 1 Reply

In 1992, the NGS printed their last pair of Per Volume indexes for the NGM.  Starting in 1993 they began issuing annual indexes of ALL their publications instead.  These lasted for 18 years with 2010 being the last.  At that time it was announced…Continue

Started by George Thomas Wilson. Last reply by Scott T. Shier Jun 26, 2014.

Comment Wall

Comment by Jeremy on November 3, 2011 at 11:59am

The two-sided map supplements are uniquely National Geographic.

My interest is not as much about archiving them, but more into their display.

The Hindsight Frame is a way to display both sides of these maps, vertically or horizontally, and change posters easily.

My website is:

The comprehensive list that Philip made is great !


Comment by Philip Riviere on November 3, 2011 at 6:50pm

Welcome Jeremy to NG Map & Suppliment Collectors (and displayers !) I personally do display some of my maps but I use pushpins in the corners. These maps (my 3rd copies of a map) I keep for display and not for sale because of the holes in the corners.  

Your specialty is the  more modern (Post 1970) double sided maps and the frames to display them. I will be posting large pictures(500k) of these 1970-2011 maps(both sides) on this site in the future.

Comment by Melvin L. De Vilbiss on November 5, 2011 at 9:14pm


With regard to topic number 2, this excel spreadsheet is a compiled list of all "plates" for the first 13 National Geographic Volumes (1888-1902). The use of plates included maps, drawings and pictures among other things, of normal page size and "larger" than the printed page. Some in this later category were supplemental inserts, but most were foldouts bound into the magazine.



Comment by Melvin L. De Vilbiss on November 5, 2011 at 9:25pm


The reprints were from 1888 through 1907.

The number of 1000 official reprint copies represents "only" the individual issues.

It has never been "officially" determined how many sets of the bound format the National Geographic Society published.

Of course, this also means the total number of reprinted supplements that accompanied these bound sets, many of which have been separated from their original issues, has never been accounted for.


Comment by Philip Riviere on November 5, 2011 at 10:46pm

Welcome Mel to the NG map & suppliment collectors.

Thanks for posting the spreadsheet on early plates & maps.. It clarifies some issues for me. I have acquired bound  volumes 1-6 and 10  in book format (reprints only.... on a retired teacher's pension)...I'm trying to get ALL the maps...I think I need only 16 more maps (Years: 1896,1898, 1900,1902,1904 and 1 map in 05)  to have a complete set. 

Comment by Melvin L. De Vilbiss on November 6, 2011 at 1:43pm


I am curious about topic #4. Have you observed and annotated this anomaly, i.e. reprint supplements issued with these reprint publications that “do not have” the word reprint on them?


Comment by Melvin L. De Vilbiss on November 7, 2011 at 2:20pm


I did some quick research to answer my own question relating to topic #4 above.


I do not collect the reprint (individual) issues, but do have a complete set of bound reprint issues and have used these as my reference.

Also, I have only six of the first 36 issues of the magazine and cannot reference the original condition or format for these magazines.

What I found:

For the first twenty years of publications, all “larger than printed page” pictures/charts/maps/etc. were tipped into the issue they were published in, with the following exceptions:

Vol.       #            Date                    Title

*VII       3            Mar 1896           Plate X - Chart – Submarine Cables of the World et al

IX           4            Apr 1898            Plate 4 - The Gold and Coal Fields of Alaska et al

X            6            Jun 1899             Plate 5 - Theater of Military Operations in Luzon 1899

X            12          Dec 1899            Plate XIV - Map of the Seat of War in Africa 1899

*XI         9            Sep 1900            Plate 9 - Map of North Eastern China

XIII         1            Jan 1902             (Not plates) Two (2) maps – Progress Map of Signal Corps et al


Reprint items “larger than the printed page” tipped into their corresponding issue were NOT labeled with the word reprint. Of those items NOT tipped in, but included as an insert, most included the word “Reprint” with the exception of the two items “*” asterisked above.

Comment by Philip Riviere on November 7, 2011 at 6:02pm
Makes me wonder how many early "reprint"  maps are being sold as originals...
Comment by Melvin L. De Vilbiss on November 7, 2011 at 8:33pm

This is possible, especially for the uninitiated.

However, the following are reasons why it shouldn’t be too great a problem:

What was tipped into the reprints was also tipped into the originals (to the best of my knowledge). Therefore, there should not be a plethora of loose articles either in demand or for sale, i.e. they would only be sold as part of a complete issue (both reprint and original).

The reprint paper was specifically chosen by the NGS to make it distinct from the original issues; hence, the well advised should be able to readily detect the differences.

Only two items that were, in their original format, loose inserts were not labeled with the word “reprint” in their reprint format. Here again, the material should make it easy to detect a newer production, but even so, there exists only two such examples – and how many people are trying to locate those two items?

By the way, I believe you can order from the National Geographic Society reproductions of all their supplements.

Comment by Philip Riviere on November 8, 2011 at 12:57am

Yes, I know of the NG Society selling reproductions but only from their Great Britain site. Not found on the U.S. site... 

 What would be the differences be between repos, originals, and reprints?


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