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John Shaddock - I am sorry you feel compelled to sell that which was given to you in good will.

"focus__nj" is your eBay moniker.

This is what you have put up for sale:

When Cathy Hunter posted the notice that the NGS was offering, free of charge, a World Magazine collection, you and I were the first two to make contact.

Susan Kolodziejczyk, Senior Manager of Sustainability, NGS, specifically asked me if I was a collector with no intention of resale. I must assume she asked you the same thing.

That you are now putting these items up for sale by year lot bothers me to no end. I hope that I am wrong, in which case I sincerely apologize for my imprudence.

If I am correct, then I must state that actions such as this will make the staff at the NGS wary in dealing with private citizens - this hurts us all, as a community.

If you must sell them, at least sell them as a collection so Susan's wish that a good home for this collection provided directly by the NGS will remain viable.


P.S. The collection the NGS gave me remains in my library to be inherited by my children.

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TOO LATE. The set is already broken up. The 1975-1979's are already auctioned off (to more than one party).


It is in violation of the intent** of the NGS staff that so graciously gave such sets to the recipient(s). It needs to be mentioned also that N.G.S. PAID the shipping to give 25 years of WORLD to the same recipient(s). 

I hope that the s+h cost would be gifted back to N.G..S as a "thank you" out of the hefty sale proceeds one is now accruing. 

Seems odd to take such a gift (and have the shipping covered to boot) only to turn and sell. Not only sell, but completely break up the MATCHED sets so that none of the year-by-year winners over on eBay will even get the full set. A set w/ this provenance and these World binders should have been kept whole, along w/ the letter certifying their origin that was promised when the sets were bequeathed. 

** i.e., the spirit of intent & gift, if not in any legal sense of obligation...


Wow.  I think some clarification is needed here. 

Susan at no time prior to sending the books asked me if I was a dealer.  She did notice that I was a dealer after they were shipped and she said that if they weren’t for me that she would hope that I would pass them on to good collectors.  I had a subsequent email conversation with Susan about me being a dealer and happy to sell things on behalf of the NGS on Ebay and split all the proceeds with the NGS.  She thanked me for my offer and said they are always clearing out excess inventory and would therefore consider it.  I initially got these for a good friend, but she didn’t want them, so I thought they should be offered to others.  

I think that there are two kinds of people that value National Geographic Publications: 

#1 Collectors that want to have every volume and keep them in pristine condition.

#2 People who have a connection with NG through their childhood and want to relive that wonderful period and will thus probably read and re-read them until the covers fall off! 


The 5 volumes that I sold from the 70’s went to 2 people.  One was a man who really enjoyed these when he was young and wanted them to remind him of his childhood, and the others went to some people who wanted them for their grandkids as an alternative to computer games.  I am splitting the proceeds of these sales with the NGS.


I have been a National Geographic Dealer for 20 years, and I cater to BOTH of these very respectable segments…and I will continue to do so.   I will not apologize for the trade that helps me support my family.


With regards to the rest of the collection, I have taken down the volumes that were currently for sale and will offer them here first if someone is willing to pay the shipping, BUT if the person ever sells them, then they should also split the proceeds with NGS.   If no one responds within a week, they will go back up for sale with the proceeds being split with the NGS.





I would have loved to work something out with you for the entire run, but I am not in good circumstances now so this unique chance will be lost for me. 

I hope someone else can work out some type of offer for you. Mel even suggested I contact you to try and buy the rest out, but....see first sentence.  

As per your "types" I am both #1 + 2,  ---> plus: 3] enthusiast who wants to share collection info. and stories w/ others and also learn from, and see what others are into. 



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