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The July 1907 map supplement tipped into the magazine had two versions.

The first had the information posted in the top right margin stating this was a supplement for the July 1907 issue.

The second was void of this information.

I have one of each, in original issues.

I confirmed the reprint version was of the issue with the margin information included by checking my bound 1964 copies.

I was investigating this for a purchase knowing that the word "reprint" is stamped on most, but not all, map supplements for the entire run of the 1964 reprints.

The July 1907 issue with the map supplement of the polar regions was one supplement that does NOT include the word reprint. I was trying to determine any other way of differentiating an original with a reprint and thought I had it when I discovered my original did not have the margin info, until I decided to look at my second original and - there it was (with the margin info).

My first original was void of this info.

Both maps were securely tipped into their original issues.

Hence, two original versions.

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Thanks for the info. I'll have to check mime.

I truly don't know the answer - depending on Scott here...


I was referring to the map supplements that were issued in the magazines were also sold separately as folded or rolled supplements. They were sold on paper, linen cloth, or Tyvek plastic depending on the type or age of the map. I believe the newsstand version of the magazines began sometime between 2000 and 2005.


Sorry, I misunderstood.  In Mel's original post he states that the maps are still "tipped in" (attached) to the magazines, so they are originals not reprints.  That means that there were (at least) two production runs of the map that went out with the magazine.

Are you saying the reprints of this particular map were not attached to the magazine? Because I have the "Cotidal Lines for the World" map from a June 1906 reprint magazine which is attached.

Sorry I wasn't clear, Harold.  I should have said that since the magazines were originals and the maps were attached, the maps were, therefore, originals.  But the two maps are different, so there were two production runs.  The reprint maps are attached to the reprint magazines as well.


You'll find my input (bottom of the first page) to the following ancient conversation interesting:

Of note is the word file linked to my comment. It specifically addresses your question. Also, now that my collection is just one issue from being complete - I can validate my research as being accurate.

Please enjoy!


Thanks, that was what i thought.

Thanks, that's what I thought.

Can you send pics of it?



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