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COMPLETE 1888-2014 Collection - Preserved and in Mint condition!!

Estate sale from a life-long collector!  Entire collection has been preserved, and contains 1 full set with Reprints from 1888 - 1908, and all originals after 1908.  Many double and triple originals of issues from 1919-1986.

Collection contains:
311 Hard/Soft Cover original books
58  Original Childrens books
1952 - 2003 All World & Adventure Magazines
1886 - 2014 Complete preserved set of magazines w/ all maps and suppliments to each issue
Driving Guides, Cassettes, Videos, indexes, etc.

Full detailed listing available upon request (can be emailed).

Have been advised that singularly priced, collection is valued at $20,000+.  Need to sell as one unit due to current owners being elderly and not able to physically manage the collection.  Will not consider piecing out the collection.   Will consider all reasonable offers.
Collection is currently located by the Washington/British Columbia border and is in dry storage.

Please contact for more information and further contents listings.

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An amazing job at documentation - well done!


Wow, I echo Mel's sentiment. Those doc. lists sure were a lot of time spent, and very thorough. Either they owe you a big thank you, Christine, for checking and collating everything, or they did themselves at some point, but still. 

I can see they certainly had a deep, wide, and true love for National Geographic!

 - Scott S.

This is truly an impressive collection.  Good work on the documentation and good luck finding a home for it.


Thanks for all of the kind words!  My uncle was a lifelong batchelor and this was his passion for the past 70 years.  It was preserved with a lot of pride.  He kept most of the collection records until 1986.  However, upon his death in 2013, it has been an overwhelming task for my parents to find a home for it (both are in their mid-80's), so us kids have been tasked with finding it a good home. 

*Fun part was the collection was originally in Denver, Colorado and we all live in northern British Columbia, Canada.  It took us a year to move the collection and inventory it.  I have my siblings and parents to thank for all of that work!

Would you consider selling the group of magazines from 1888 to 1934 as a separate group ?

We have someone interested in the yellow magazines only.  If they would take 1935-2012, we would be open to splitting the years up.  I will check with her to see if that would work and get back to you!

Very good Christine.  If your other party takes the group of 1935 to the present, I will be happy to take the rest back to 1888.  Please do keep me posted.

Hello Christine,  any news/update to our prior discussion ?

Hello Ms. Davis,

I am interested in the entire collection.  What is the availability?

Thank you very much,

Matthew Weaver

This collection is still available and needs to be moved ASAP!  Elderly parents are paying for storage for the collection and it is becoming costly to maintain (up to $500/year).  It is also too heavy for them to move to a cheaper location.  If anyone is seriously interested, please make me an offer.

Thank you! 


Christine, I hereby submit my offer to purchase all unbound, original copies of the magazine from 1886 through December of 1934 for the sum of $700.00

Conditions:  1.  Subject to the collection being fully complete with no issues missing.  2.  Subject to your submission to me (electronically) of photos of the magazines to my satisfaction and approval.  3. You pack the magazines into Magazine Shipment Boxes and take them to your local post office.  Mail them to me at the reduced "book rate" and send me the invoice. Call me before shipping and get me to approve the shipping cost. 
 I will reimburse you for the full shipment cost.

Please call me to discuss this in further detail  619-861-3038

Thank you,  Mike

Thank you for your continued interest and offer Michael!  I will present your offer to my parents asap and get back to you shortly.



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