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was VERY limtied, only used in airport venues, or so far as I know ---->

extremely limited -- only used "out west" as newsstand copy in select areas (also Canada newsstand) ---->

another limited version ; used on newsstand in conjunction with the regular cover newsstand version----> 

also limited, used in conjunction with the primary newsstand copy, which was same image as member's copy ---->

this one was the same cover story, but different (zoomed-in) cropping to make a different version of this cover's temple & flora than the member's copy was -----> 

and here's another "split cover" you didn't have posted yet ----->

and, in case you wanted a larger pic image/file for this one, here ---->

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Thanks Scott,

This'll keep me busy for awhile.

: - )  

actually, I have more, but I'll share them another day.

Obviously collectible, but how would you approach buying these alternates? Would sellers on eBay know if they have an alternate? A local used book store?


I have been collecting alternatives since they first came out (1990'S ?), but stopped around 2007 with collecting anything.  I have since started to collect again and found it very easy, through EBAY only, to find most of the newsstand versions.  I am only missing 3-4 issues, but keep looking.  Most sellers on EBAY will not take the time to look for you and if you find a used book store that will let you look try it.  There are very few online sellers other than EBAY that carry the alternative issues.  Good luck and be persistent.


I concur with everything Jeff said . . . eBay is how I have obtained ALL my "alternate" covers.

From personal experiences, the ones that have consistently been the hardest or impossible to find over years and years are: November 2003's red eye "watching you" , May 2007's Jamestown Pig, and July 2008's wildfires covers.

I wanted to add that I think February 2005 cover depicted here is the common one in Australia as it went out to subscribers as such. My copy and my brothers copy is that version.


Yes you are correct. There are a lot of covers where you received a different image than the U.S.A. (or, North American) member's did. Sometimes, a newsstand "variant / alternate" in the U.S. is in fact, the member's mailed copy in both or either /or England, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, etc. 

I can't do it this moment, but I have a list of all the examples of this . . . not every time you might have had a different cover in the UK realms, but when your's was what our newsstand was. 

Off the top of my head, here's one "down under" cover that we did not receive in U.S. or Canada ---->

Hi Scott,

Yes the one above is a great example! Makes sense in a marketing perspective. ;)



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