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We have saved issues of NG WORLD magazine from Sept. 1975 to August 1979.
We would like to know whether there is a market place / demand for these vintage issues, which are in excellent condition.  How can I sell them or pass them on so that they will be enjoyed by others (and not just cut up for kids' projects, like schools would do now).
We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Are the Collectors Cards still attached?

Thank you

Jeff Persons

I don't recall the issues ever having "Collectors Cards".  Some of them have posters.

The following issues, from September 1975 through August 1979, had collector's cards:

1978 - Dec

1979 - Jan, Mar, Jun

I had a look.  Yes, the issues that you mention below have the one page with the Collector's Cards.  I had forgotten that these existed.

1978 - Dec

1979 - Jan, Mar, Jun

I tried messaging you w/ a friend request, but no reply. I was interested in your batch of WORLD's . . . particularly if the posters are still present. I'd need to know if your April 1976 and September 1977 issues still have their albino gorilla and "saddle up high" (horses) posters.

thank you,

- Scott S. 

Anybody know what posters go with which issue?

I cannot seem to find anything to relate the poster to the magazine.

Yes, I have a list of the posters (aka "supersize pages"). What exactly do you need to know? Most of the posters have the month/year of which issue they went to.

I have most issues from 1 to 74.

The 5 posters that I am not sure of are;

-Bengal Tiger /1977??

-Koalas/ 1979?

-Snow monkey/ 1981?

-Empire Strikes Back/ 1980?

-Pup and Pal/ 1980?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Bengal Tiger - JAN 1978

Koalas - FEB 1979

Snow Monkey - MARCH 1981 

Star Wars - JUNE 1980

Pup and Pal - MARCH 1980

Wow you're awesome! 

Thanks Scott.

I have a collection that I would like to sell and so attempting to have most magazines complete.

Cheers, Dave



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