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Checkoff List of All National Geographic Maps and Supplements. Updated to July 2017


Here is an excel spreadsheet  of all Maps and Supplements through July 2017. Includes previously missing March 1979 pamphlet of Wildlife Refuges of the United States...

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Wow! Thanks Phil! 

yes, Phil is awesome !

Excellent list, Phil.

Awesome!  I've just started cataloging my maps on my nat geo spreadsheet with a comment insert for each addition.  I could not be sure which maps I might be missing:


Phil, how do you determine what the selling price should be on maps?  Thanks for any assistance.


There  is no pricelist for Nat Geo Maps & Supplements.. Supply and demand seem to set prices.. That being said pre WW II maps & supplements go up in value all the way back to the beginning (1888). Post WWII loose value increasingly as you reach the present. The most valuable maps are pre 1908 non reprints with a few exceptions like the April 1913 Machu Picchu  pictorial.... I hope this helps you a little ...



Great list Phil.

I think there may be an error though. I do not see a map for June 1905 Seat of War in Manchuria. I'm pretty sure one exists.

Also it might be good to list the date of April 7 for the 3 maps of 1893, sort of how you have listed for the 1892 maps,      since there is an issue with a date of April 29 1893 to avoid confusion.

Another thing if you want to be "technical", all 3 of the record issues Aug. 1965, Dec. 1969, Jan. 1979 come in two versions.

1 version is a full page tear out record and the second is a semi half page tear out record. (you can see the difference if you have two different issues to compare to each other)

Finally you might want to add the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics map Dec. 1960. This map was not included free in the magazine but had to be ordered and was not technically a supplement though it  has two pages in the magazine devoted to it on pages 887-888

Just trying to be helpful.


Just updated  the file to July 2017 (June 1905 is included)....



One more I forgot to mention was March 1979 Wildlife Refuges of the United States. This one is a pull out and not listed on your list.


Good find on this one, Scott ! 

I never noticed that the eight-page "booklet" (363-370) was perforated.


Good catch Scott..

Everyone here missed that one...Will be added to our list shortly..


Has just been added to the list...




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