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1. I was wondering if anyone knows the values of a single issues monograph from 1895?
2. Also do the values range depending on which issue number it is?
3. Does anyone know how many of these single issues were printed? 

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I've seen a single issue go for as little as $150 and as much as $1,000.

Obviously, the condition of the issue has a significant impact on its value.

Both Edwin Buxbaum and Roger Nathan, two of the finest guides to all things NGS, indicate these ten 1895 publications are rare, but I have never seen an accounting for quantity published per issue, and neither of them indicated they knew the quantity published.

I've known several collectors that have all 10 issues of the monographs. One attempted to sell his complete collection, all in very good condition, for $10,000.00. This was many years ago and I do not believe he was successful in getting what he was asking for them.

As far as I know, all issues are considered equally rare, hence equally valued.

Thanks Melvin for your insight, appreciate it!

I have a bound volume of Monographs in good condition that I would sell. They are complete with covers. if interested.

There are two versions of the monographs. Version 1 has a both a Volume and Issue number con the cover. Version 2 just has the Issue number on the cover. I've got a complete set of Version 1 and need issue numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10 of Version 2.

The monographs I have are numbered No 1, Vol 1; No 2, Vol 1;  No 3, Vol 1: and on for all 10. What version would this make them?

Version 1


I would love to know the source of the information (two versions of monographs) if you wouldn't mind sharing it.

I don't recall seeing anything wrt versions in either Buxbaum's or Nathan's guides.

Thank you!



I just happened to be reading the Vol. VI No. 7 reprint of Nat Geo (Dec. 29, 1894) for some unrelated research when Richard posted his comment re: the two versions of the monographs. This issue happens to have the notice of the planned monograph series.  At the time the Society was planning a series based on a seven volume one created in Germany but geared more for teachers.  Volume I was to be about United States physiography, but ideas were floated for others monographs if the first series was successful.  They included weather around the country; oceans; the relation of geography and historical development; the relations of resources, industries and population; etc.  This explains the volume number on type 1.

Since these monographs were intended for schools, it is likely that several production runs were made.  Likely, when it was decided to not continue the series, they stopped including the volume number on the later production runs, i.e. type 2.  I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but the coincident of having this issue in hand was enough that I couldn’t resist commenting.



An interesting footnote and a reasonable conclusion, but we all know the NGS has ways of messing with our minds.

Thank you!



The source is my collection. I've attached two photos of Monograph number 6 showing the two versions.

-- Richard


Thank you Richard - made me look at my collection; nine have Volume 1, one does not - now I gotta start collecting all over again... HA!

I just came across this thread and realized I have Monograph #3; I assume it's Vol 2 since I don't see a volume number on the cover. I don't collect these so if anyone is interested in it, feel free to contact me. This issue is by John W. Powell.




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