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I have hard bound issues of the magazine. 1915-1920, 1924-1926, 1927 jan-june, 1928-1929, 1930 jan-june, 1931, and 1947-1949. Very good condition. Wondering if any have any monetary value?

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Greetings Mr. Glen,

I just saw your posting...all these issues (bound volumes) you have a great eras in NGS and world history!

As for the valuation of them, it's a bit inconsistent. It all depends on 'who' is looking for 'what', and if they are seeking such at the time you are advertising them. The price range varies - of course original copies [not the Reprints] would be preferable, and possibly more $$-value. Even if originals, the condition is what drives the value - more than their age. The age in itself is not value per se.

In terms of scarcity (or rarity) of the issues, the 1888-1915 period is prime. 1915-approx. late 1960's can also be a fair, but not large value. For 1970-Present, these are abundantly available, and are hard in some areas to "give away".

Some points to be aware of:

- Libraries have been purging their long-time physical inventories of NG Magazines, as they can minimize cost, space and effort by acquiring the cd-rom compilations of the Magazine.

- Many times an interested party will have interest in what you or anyone has to offer, but are deterred from how heavy and bulky a lot of NGM's would be; the shipping costs are a fair sum, obviously depending upon the distance between seller and buyer.

- It seems like the bound issues would be a preferred presentation over the individual copies. Yet, this desirability will depend on which style/manufacturer of bindings they are in. Many only want to hunt for same-style (bound) covers, to keep their sets "matching". Then, some of the bound volumes are only the article pages in sequential order per year; whereas some others will also have the covers and/or advertisements bound in too. OR, some are pages/covers, or pages/advertisements. You have the collectors who are after only the advertisements; only after the covers; or merely after the content rather than the other 2 options.

- Potential interested paeties will also want to know of any damage, AND whether the map supplements are included (still present).

Glen, I can let you know that when I was posting extra issues and year sets on eBay in 2005-07, I was able to get about $14-18 for some 1930's years (w/ supplements) - in moderate/decent conditions. Via eBay and other online sites, I'd say it is harder - as in waiting longer to find a buyer/taker - for the bounds Vs. the single issues. Then again, without the internet nowadays, it is so much less likely that you'd find anyone...

You could also consider donating them to any retirement or group homes. I'd say schools & churches too, for their Art departments and Sunday schools (for projects) - but this implies that the bound volumes would be dismantled. Personally, if nothing else, that would be a better option than those who throw these all away.

I hope that some background on this is interesting or useful for you. Best wishes and have a great spring season.

- Scott T. Shier

Hi Glen!


Is your collection still available?  Where are you located?  I'm in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.


My e-mail is:





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