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I posted this in another forum here; not sure where the right place to put this is. I recently started a website for magazine collectors to track their collections, and I thought that users of this site might be interested.  The page for National Geographic can be found here.  It does allow you to track comments about each issue, but doesn't currently allow you to mark the condition of an issue, though that should be coming soon.  I'd be interested in any feedback on it.


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Obviously a tremendous amount of work went into this site. I can envision avid collectors migrating to this site to exchange those few magazines they are still searching for. Excellent work thus far.

Your oldest magazine listings need work, however. I suggest listing by Volume and Number in their proper sequence, then annotating their actual date of publication (which is not in sequence).

I can provide a spreadsheet that shows this if it will help.

I look forward to the progression of this site.


Thanks -- I'm glad to hear the good things, and even more glad to hear of things we can improve.  Yes, please do send me the spreadsheet -- you can send it to coldchrist (at)  Thank you very much!


I specialize in National Geographic maps & suppliments. Can a list of maps be integrated into the magazine database or maybe by themselves? Also I plan to list my magazine collection on the site. Most of my early editions are reprints....Can these be listed as well as the original issues?

I can add a list of the maps and supplements if you can send me the list.  There are a couple of ways to do it, but I think the best way would be to have two additional collections, one called "National Geographic Maps" and one called "National Geographic Supplements".

For the reprints, I will talk to the developer and see what he thinks, but we've been discussing adding a "condition" flag to each collectible, to show whether it's mint, fine, very good, and so on.  We could also add flags for things like 'reprint", or perhaps custom flags that each user could define.  We'll have to think about that a bit but I'll get back to you.

If you send me the maps and supplements list, I should be able to add it to the site in the next few days.  I'm glad you plan to use it -- please let us know of anything that could be improved!



 Mel is right on the money about confusion for the first 36 issues. They were not published in the right order because of printing erors and when they were published there were still printing erors that cause confusion to this day. Still thanks for the effort. Have a great day!!! Mike O


Yes, I had a couple of errors.  Thanks to Mel's list I was able to fix them; I hope everything is correct now, but if not, please let me know.


Getting there Mike - some minor corrections to the first four:


Vol I, No. 1 is good

Vol I, No. 2 should be April, not January

Vol I, No. 3 should be July, not April

Vol I, No. 4 should include "copies dated May are known"


That was a very quick turn-around!


I'm working on the other stuff and hope to have to you within a couple of hours.



Fixed, I think.  Thanks for the checking!  And I look forward to getting the other stuff.


Hi Mike ,

  I did not meen to criticize you I was refering to National geographic's printer's Erors. Yours is a work in progress that will probably be a worderful help to collectors and dealer every where. Way to go!!!  Mike O

I just wanted to let you know that I think the site is wonderful! It's great to be able to see the issue and know what's in it. Thanks for providing this link!



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