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"Our April [2016] issue of National Geographic has ten different covers...."

Lovely, just what us hardcore collectors & completists love to hear!


** Take their quiz and find out which animal you are, haha.


And, here's the story behind the 10 cover images, which were but 10 out of 6,000 choices. At least they aren't producing 6,000 cover versions for April, jeesh.



                        ~ Scott S. 

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Just FYI, I'm a turtle. (As the Mercury astronauts would say: You bet your sweet ass I am).

I got the Reiman turtle too, Tom (but I was disappointed).

    : - P

"  Result: Reimann’s Snake-Necked Turtle

Reimann’s snake-necked turtles are native to New Guinea, where they survive on fish and insects. They can stretch their necks out much farther than other turtles—hence their name.  "

 I'm a porcupine...a little prick.....

ha !

I just got mine... it's the TIGER.

I got the Indian Peafowl today.... if I only have one of the 10, I would have preferred a different one... I think it would have been funnier if we each received the cover that matched our test results *rolls eyes.

Here's "behind the scenes" montage of some of Joel Sartore's shoots for this project, from which the 10 covers come: 

Here's a link to the photographer talking about his photo ark project: 

I also got the Indian Peafowl....

: - )

File this under "I need help".

After reading your remark about "Completists" I decided NOT to collect them all.  However as soon as I saw one on a magazine rack, I bought it.  I mean I couldn't help myself.  I immediately when on eBay and Amazon and bought the rest.

Did I win?  And if so did I win anything other than being the sickest puppy in the pound?

Yours in collecting (and completing),



I wondered if anyone would come back and "admit" they bought them all. I also will, but haven't done it yet. It sort of makes me crawl up the wall to not have them all.... just because they made 10 versions. 

Sickest puppy? Hmmm. I hope you were able to get favorable pricing; I'm sure the s+h on these individually ate up equal to-or-more-than the actual copy prices, no? 

Say, did you notice too, that the newsstand copies bear the comment atop about "Find them all. Collect them all." ? The member's copies do not.

-- Scott 

Most of them were reasonable but a couple I overpaid a little.  As I said, I need help.



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