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I am looking for as complete a collection as possible from inception of the journal to December of 1934.  Please respond to  Thanks.

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I have Jan Mar Apr May Jul Aug of 1934  asking $10 each


1935-1941 have 19 months

full years of 1942-1946


all in Excellent to Very Good condition kept in the removable "leather binder" which can hold 6 issues.


Louise Rathbun


Thanks Louise but I'm looking for a complete collection (if I can find one)

I have Jan 1921-jan 2014. Are you interested in any?

Are you saying that you have all 12 issues of 1921 as well as 1922 and all the way to 2014 ?  If so, I would be interested in the issues of years 1921 through December of 1934   That would be 14 years in all (168 issues in all).  Yes, I would be interested in that group.  What condition are they in and can you send me a photo of the group ?

Last time I checked I had all of the ones you are interested in. I have to check again to be positive. They are in varying condition. I'll let you determine from the photos. I will try to get photos but that will take a few days because I am in San Diego and they are in Mass. I will get photos for you though. 

Wow !  That sounds like a challenge:  Trying to sell something from California that is located all the way across the country.  I look forward to seeing the photos.  Please also get a detail of the issues for each year.  I would like to know for sure whether they are all there or not.  Thanks.

Hello Charlotte.  Is there any news/update to our prior conversation ?

I have 1920 to 1936 almost the whole set collection and am selling at a really good deal. email me at

I have a complete collection NAT GEO 1929 to 1984 = 56 YEARS = 672 ISSUES IN PERFECT CONDITION:-1929 to 1962 are 6 month issues bound hard cover (2 bindings per year) as per attached pictures-1962 to 1984 are the usual yellow framed monthly issues.The collection is presently in Paris but I can ship anywhere in the world.

Will be sold to the best offer.

Alexis Strang

I have all the issues you reference. This includes a complete bound set of 1964 reprints plus a bound set of originals that goes through 1916. From 1917 through 1934, I have individual issues, all still having their covers. This is every issue from 1888 through 1934. If you are interested, I can provide further information and more specifics.

Yes, Steve.  I am certainly interested.  A few questions;

1.  Are you willing to sell just the group of magazines from 1888 to December 1934 ?

2.  Regarding any bound issues;  Can the magazines be removed from the binding or are they permanently bound ?

3.  Where are you and the collection located ?

4.  Can you send me photos of the collection I seek as well as an index of the issues so that I can ascertain that they are all there ?

For further communication, you can use my e-mail address of

Thanks much Steve

1. Am willing to sell everything from 1888 to December 1934.

2. The original bound issues are professionally and permanently bound with covers and ads removed.  The reprints do include the covers and ads and are also professionally and permanently bound.

3. I am located in Madison, Mississippi.

4. Will provide photos, but may be a couple of hours before I can.

To clarify, the 1964 reprints cover the period from 1888 through 1907. These are in excellent condition and include maps in pockets sewn into the binding. The bound originals cover 1906 through 1915 (thus overlapping the reprints slightly). These are mostly in very good condition, although one or two are coming loose from the spine. I can provide photos of the problem to show you what I mean. Single issues are complete and still have their covers. I would say they are in fair condition. You'll be able to see what the spines look like from the photos. Inside, they are in good shape.

Regarding the overlap period from 1906 to 1907, you can take them or leave them if you are interested in the set.



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