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We have my brothers National Geographic collection that was left to the family when he passed.  We have done little so far, but now we need to settle up his estate. We are motivated!

We are located in Illinois


We have:

1897  OCTOBER 

1902  MAY  



1907  AUGUST

1908  MAY




We would prefer to sell the entire collection as a whole, but will consider splitting. 


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Can you please post a photo of the 1897 October front cover?

Hi John,

I am having trouble sending the photo thru the NG site...can you email me directly to see if I can get it to you that way? I am not very techie...


Hi John,
I was wondering if you had any interest in this collection? We would like to sell it, and you could have a great price if you are interested. Please advise,
thanks, Pat

HI Christine –


I am an interior designer in Seattle and we are working on a project with a large library. We hope to fill the library with National Geographics and this would be such a great find.


Can you tell me a little more about your collection and what you are looking to sell it for? Do you have any idea how many copies you have and any images you could pass along? Our client is concerned about the quality as they have allergies and would like to know if these are in good condition?


Being located in Seattle we would have to coordinate shipping but would love to hear from you if you are interested. 


Thank you so much!
I look forward to hearing from you.




Hello Amy,
Was it my full collection you were interested in? I know we could make a great deal. All of the magazines are in great shape. I do have pictures of some of the earlier ones that I could send along if you like.
Let me know,

Hello Ms. Mariacher,

I am very interested in the entire collection.

Is it available?


Matthew Weaver

I have sold some of them, but I do have quite a bit left starting with around 1914 I think. Let me know what it is you might be looking for.
Thanks, Pat

Hi Pat,

Please provide a list of what you have remaining and the condition.

Thank you,



Thanks, I will go through and make sure I have a proper list for you, the condition is good. My brother loved to collect, and he would always work to get the best copies he could. Some are not perfect obviously, but the spines are in good shape with minimal paper lifting on some. I did take some pictures, so I could send you examples if you decide to proceed.

I appreciate your interest!
Hi, I am waiting for my brother to get back to me with what he has. I have even found some 1912, so I will have a list for you as quickly as I can. Thanks!
Okay, I think I have a pretty good idea of what we have.
Basically, we have full years from 1912 (except no 1913 at all) through 2013. As you get higher to 2013 there may be you know a few missing here and there, but obviously those ones are easier to get.
1912, full year plus March August and July
1914 full plus January February march May August September October November
1915-1918 full years
1919 almost full but no December, however we do have extra February April May June July August September and October
1920 full plus June
1921 full
1922 full, January has a little paper loss on the front, marge has a few stains
1923 full plus March
1924 full
1925 full plus December
1926 full plus April August October November
1927-1931 full issues
1932 full plus August
1933 full
1934 full x two sets
1935-1936 full set
1937 full plus July
1938-1939 full sets
1940-1942 full sets x 2
1943 two sets, but neither has June October or December
From here up I have full sets with 1947 & 1954 having two sets

Please let me know what you think!
Thanks, Pat

Email Address:

Email Address:
Hi, I wanted to follow up and be sure that you saw my list of available issues. I was wondering if you had interest in my collection? Please let me know either way, I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for your consideration.
Pat Mariacher

My email is

That other email that was attached to my last message, that was a mistake I'm not even sure who that is.



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