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Checkoff List of All National Geographic Maps and Supplements. Updated to July 2017


Here is an excel spreadsheet  of all Maps and Supplements through July 2017. Includes previously missing March 1979 pamphlet of Wildlife Refuges of the United States...

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Good point, I just collect the maps not the magazines, so not sure where they come from.  The 2012 World map does not have a month as usual, so perhaps it wasn't part of an issue.  The Pearl Harbour one was apparently printed in April 2001 (the map 'Theatre of the war in the Pacific' is a reprint from February 1942).

Ah thank you for the info. I wonder if they are special maps available from the National Geographic store or website and were available in those time periods you mentioned (2012/2001).

Also I wanted to add that technically the map labeled 2015-08: “Testing a Lakes Limit” in your list is part of that magazine issue itself and is not designated as a map as there are no perforations to take it out of the issue. Though I am not sure if perhaps you bought a copy of the map from the National Geographic store that was a reprint of it? Or of course it can be cut out of the magazine with a knife or scissors.

Also I wanted to ask about 1969 - Special edition: Alaska - Top of the world. Is there an issue or month associated with this map? I can’t find it listed anywhere else? I see a map called “Top of the world” from both 1965 - November and 1949 - October.I am curious how this map looks like as I don’t think I have it.

No there isn't. It is a double-sided map, one side 'Alaska' the other 'Top of the World'.  Check out the attached file for details.



The map you are referring to is from the National Geographic book "Alaska".

First edition (1969) (Map date 1969).

Second edition (1971) (Map date 1971)

It was never a supplement with the magazine.  There are other maps from this book series as well.

Tom Wilson

Thanks for the info Tom.

I did a little digging, and found an old discussion about this map HERE.

Thank you for the info Tom and Chris. I will be curious to look into this group or page that deals with the National Geographic Maps/inserts that are not official supplements to the magazines.

Same goes for the book "Journey Across Russia". It has a map of Soviet Union included. Looks like one that would come as a magazine supplement :)

All Maps from the "Special Publications" book series as per Roger Nathan:

The Nile River - 1966, 1968

Canada - 1967, 1969, 1971

Isles of the South Pacific - 1968, 1971, 1975

Australia - 1968, 1970

Alaska - 1969, 1971

The Civil War - 1969, 1971, 1974, 1974

Hawaii - 1970

Soviet Union - 1977

October 1939 had 2 maps: Central Europe and the Med as of 8/28/39 and ditto as of 9/1/39.

It took me a long while to find the 8/28/39 version!  I eventually bought it from on ebay.

Interesting, wasn't aware of this. My map is from the October Issue 1939 and the title on the map says 'Central Europe and the Mediterranean as of September 1, 1939'



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