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Database or Spreadsheet Template for managing a NG collection

I have started to use an Excel spreadsheet to maintain an inventory of my collection and the condition of issues I own. Not being very spreadsheet saavy, I have run into a couple of problems dealing with bound volumes and dates before 1904. It occurs to me that some collector out there has already come up with an elegant template for a spreadsheet or database and might be willing to share it. I also wonder if there is a way of importing data about issues (maps, etc.) from the NG index.

Thanks, Noel

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Sure. By default the database sorts by author. I suggest changing that to sort by title. Also, I suggest including the volume # & issue # in the title in order to easily distinguish each issue. Instead of using roman numerals for the volume, use numeric numbers. That way when you sort by title, it will diplay each issue in chronological order. There are separate field for that info though, so you could also just include those fields in the display if you want. Play around with it for a while and you'll find all sorts of neat things:)

Hi Scott,

I went about it the opposite way and made a spreadsheet that was only what I needed......Now I wish I had stuck to my original plan to create my personal catalogue of issues! I have almost the entire NGM set, so a huge shortcut for me would be your list. Can you please send it to me at ? Thanks in advance!


Noel, nice to meet you, please tell me if you still have this database. I have one in MS Access, but is easy to convert to Excell, if you are interested send me a message here or to, maybe some of your data can help me and some of mine can help you



From Costa Rica.

I recently started a website for magazine collectors to track their collections that might be helpful, though it doesn't have special features that address some of the issues you raise.  The page for National Geographic can be found at  It does allow you to track comments about each issue, but doesn't currently allow you to mark the condition of an issue, though that should be coming soon.  I'd be interested in any feedback on it.


Some or data of my Database would be interesting to you, maybe. I you want send me a email to  and i send you the file in MS Access or Excell. most of index is for English editions before 1997, after this date many issues i have in Spanish. 

Thanks for the offer -- I will email you now.


For anyone and everyone who has something they are working with -

I'm going to start organizing, and indexing my collection which is about 95% complete.

I would really love it if you could share your spreadsheet template with me. 

I would like a template as well if anyone can share it with me:)



...some folk here structure their templates or outlines a bit differently, depending on what exactly they are tying to track for their personal preferences. May I ask what is it you want a template to "do" for you? Is it a check-list only to show what you have/is missing, or are you wanting to track other minutia info. as well? 

    - Scott Shier

Hi Scott,

Thank you for replying.

I am looking more for cataloging what I have - year, month, issue, supplements/maps, that sort of thing, 

I just thought if there was indeed an easy spreed sheet that is sort of the 'norm' for collectors I could use that, but if not I will just make my own spreed sheet (Im just not the most knowledgeable in creating data sheets:))




Check the article I placed on the main page here titled : Blank Templates for cataloging Nat Geo magazines and Map Supplements


This is mine, updated today:




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