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Have all but 6 or 7 from 1900 to 2007 and a few pre 1900 in good or excellant conditions....located near Toledo, Ohio.....entertaining all serious offers

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Hey David,

If possible, might you want to post a few photos of what you have (on this site) in your user page, so that people could see it.

- Scott T. Shier

p.s. welcome to the site!
Hi David,
Will you allow "picking"? I may be interested in your earlier issues. I am in the Cleveland area.
if i don't get any complete offers that are acceptable in the next couple of weeks...sure....let me know what you want and what your offer is...thanks
I have no idea what price range your looking at - can you give us some clue?
best offer in the next couple of weeks...some people want to pick the early issues but no offers for the works yet...make me an offer..
could you briefly list the individual copies for sale 1888-1904 and condition. Its impossible to make an offer without additional information.
John Mahoney
understand will do...
David, you must be aware that the 1888-1904 part of the collection is worth many more times than the rest of the 1905-2007 collection. I am sure that myself and others would want to make you an offer, but a public auction via this website is not really appropriate and could undermine the very basis of information sharing and openness upon which this website was established. May I suggest that you post an email address by which individuals can make a 'bid' for all or the relevant parts of your collection directly to you. You could run it as an auction in which you respond to each bidder with a deadline and regular updates on the current top bid, or preferably, as a tender process in which we can make a bid by some specified end date and you take the highest bid. Alternatively, you could put it up on eBay - but you'll have to do an enormous amount of work to get it ready as very detailed condition reports and photos are generally required.
Just want to get all of these thing out of my house....understand that i will need to gather some information ...may be a couple of days before i can get to email is thanks for the input
David -

Heh heh, well we are "all" going to give you advice and input!!!

Dale is correct in everything he said. I just wanted to take a moment (for your behalf) to expand upon that a little.

[{Also, we would need to know if your earliest issues are the "originals" or the 1964 (or 1922) Reprints issued. Are these years bound, individual issues, or combination of both? }

So, do not discount the 1905-1915 time bracket either. In the recent past, those too are becomming more scarce, especially if in very good condition +

In terms of gathering detailed "condition" info. and photos - do focus on the pre-1920's, and then you can be more brief on the rest (give a broad overview). NOTE: the "spines" are a very important detail to collectors, they do like them nice : )

- Scott S.
look at all boxes ...found one with over 100, 1909 to 1920...couple large bound ones....andnov 1905, oct 1905,and a feb 1896...05's seem in very good condition 1896 look rouger to me...hope this helps...



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