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We made an app for storing and searching through your collection.

Hello everybody,

Feel free to try an app we made exclusively for National Geographic Magazine collectors. This is just a beta, but we already have a ton of new features we plan to develop.

Enjoy and keep collecting! Let me know if you like the app.



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Hi Danko,

No problem at all, it looks like a great initiative! The guide in particular I enjoyed reading!

Yes that is correct, I am with a Macedonian background. Great to see a fellow Balkan on this site haha!

Kind regards,


Hi Danko, 

I tried your app and I do like it, although when I first saw it I expected to find at least the cover images of each issue. 

I already marked every issue I have and uploaded 282 covers by now - I always scan them after browsing their pages and introducing their data in my Excel sheet, but it will take me years until I finish with the 976 issues in my collection :)

I have a couple of suggestions: I would like to be able to see the information on a specific issue without marking it as present in my collection, but it automatically does so when I click on it. It would also be better if only the numbers that do include a supplement had the option to mark it. And there seems to be some problem with the November 1947 issue, because I get an error message when I try to upload a cover image (any image, so it's not a problem with my archive).

Thank you for your work, I will keep uploading covers as I scan them - at least until you make me pay for the app :P

P.S: I see that you are form Novi Sad. I passed through the city last month in the night train between Budapest and Belgrade - It's a pity that I didn't know about you, I could have made a stop and know each other ;)

Hey Juan!

I just saw your message. I'm sorry. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. We will improve the app for sure so any suggestion is valuable. The main issue is how to make the app useful without stealing content from NG or other sources. Right now, all the content is user generated, and as users come database becomes complete. The other thing we plan to improve is user experience when browsing on the phone. Stay tooned. :)

I would be glad to meet another NG fan in person! If you come again in to region, just let me know! :)



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