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I happened to notice that the 8,000th photo was just posted on the Collectors Corner website.  I thought I'd do a little tablecloth math and see who has posted the most and by what percentage.

1st Place:

This goes to Phillip Riviere, who unfortunately passed away a year ago this November.  He posted 4,413 photos during his time on the 'Corner, or 55.2% of the total.

2nd Place:


This honor goes to Scott Shier, one of the first to join the 'Corner (so long ago).  He has posted 959 pictures so far.  This represents 12.0% of the photos posted to date.

3rd Place:

I get the bronze for my 806 photos posted.  My photos represent 10.1% of the total at the 'Corner.

4th Place:


The last person I'm listing here is Abramo Russo.  He has 749 photos posted for 9.4% of the total.  His last posted photo was on May, 30, 2017 when he stopped posting abruptly.  I hope he is okay but I fear the worst.

This leaves 1,073 photos posted by all the other members, or 13.4%.  (Note: Percentages don't add up to 100.0% due to rounding.

Tom Wilson

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An interesting tidbit Tom - thanks!

Yay me, 2nd place haha. We have a lot of catching up to do to get to Phil's count : )

I wrote this original post a little over two years ago (pre-pandemic).  At the time, there were 8,000 photographs posted at the 'Corner.  Today there are over 10,000 (10,002 to be exact).  The count now stands at:

Phil: 4,413 - 44.1% (down from 55.2%)

Scott: 2,172 - 21.7% (up from 12%)

Tom: 1,396 - 14.0% (up from 10.1%)

Abramo: 749 - 7.5% (down from 9.4%)

The Field: 1,272 - 12.7% (down from 13.4%)

Interesting update, and Tom, you are catching up to me!

You were the 10,000th photo upload eh?

Not really catching up, you're pulling ahead in numbers and percentages.

Did you actually count them! :-)

No, each member's photo count is on their "My Page".  There is a slideshow of the member's photos on the page.  If you click on "Show All", their photos will display along with a count.



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