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I have the Sept. 1 version. I was wondering, what is the difference between it and the Aug. 28 version besides the date showing in the title area? On internet views, I don't see any other differences unless I'm missing something.    


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I searched both maps side-by-side and couldn't find any difference between them other than the date.

Roger Nathan mentions these maps in his book "Collectibles of the National Geographic Society".  On page 37 he states: "When news broke that Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, that change was made for this map and the September 1, 1939 date was used."

The emphasis is mine.  It is not totally clear if he meant just the date change.  There is no indication of the invasion along the German/Polish border.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, Tom. I have Nathan's book and have read that. It just didn't make much sense to change the date and nothing on the map.  They should have just added a note that changes may be forthcoming with Germany invading Poland.  The May 1940 Europe map shows this change, which is a unique map, since they reverted to 'as of Sept. 1, 1939' for the rest of the war for boundaries.


I think that may have been their point for the date change.  This is how Central Europe looked the day the war started.  Of course it looked the same four days earlier but that date had no "meaning".

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I hope this helps.


Thanks, Tom




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