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I have two different covers on July 2004 magazines:

1) Sun burst photo on front cover, Toyota ad on back.
2) Heavily armed female guerilla fighter, presumably columbian, Olympus ad on back.

There are other differences on the covers, and in the front and back ads on or near the covers.
How unusual is this?. Is one of them rare? Are there other examples of totally different front covers on any other (modern) issues?

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July 2008 (Wildfire) is apparently an alternate U.S. newsstand indicated by it's ISBN bar code.

Here's a few more photos, just for people to see.

- Scott
...and a few more:

- Scott
Well, John and Jean,

I found what appears to be the first "mistake" on NGM's part regarding their alernate covers. For January 2006 there is either the standard Grand Canyon cover, or the variant, newsstand version with Iraqiis on the cover.

BUT.....the "Iraq" cover has an error: on the Contents page, "The Cover" caption refers to the Grand Canyon cover photo only. So this is evidence of oversight in the editorial process. Could it be that the Iraq photo was a last-minute decision before going to press and the inside caption slipped through the cracks?

Oh well. Just an interesting footnote to this ongoing search for cover varieties. I double-checked all my other copies of alternate covers, and all of them do identify the correct cover photo on their Contents pages...

- Scott
Hello Scott,

Just reviewing what is new on this site. I agree that both the reg. Grand Canyon cover and the Iraq version have the same contents page, and what I have is the Iraq article starting on page the lead in both cases. But in my mags the references to the cover are correct in both cases...Please recheck your mags and let me know what's what.

Here is yet a 3rd cover variance for May 2004 of NGM. This is an (alternate) US/Can newsstand edition. I "discovered" this by mistake last week, while looking for other things. We had not yet mentioned this in our ongoing list in this discussion thread.

But, once I saw this horse I remember someone (who!) telling me in an email or other discussion thread that they thought there was a newsstand copy with a horse/rider against a orange glowing background, but they didn't know what month/year it was.

Anyway. Note this is the same cover story "Heartlands/Great Plains" as the predominate US/Can member's & newsstand edition, featuring the boy with puppies and dogs in front of a barn. Surprisingly, all 3 versions show the same Contents photo (Hungarians bathing in steamy thermal bath).

On cover varieties, I see more recently (February 2010) there was

(1) the 'Polygamists' article highlight and

(2) the 'Hubble telescope' article being highlighted

I've got the 'Hubble' issue, an image of it is highlighted in my profile's photos section.

Yes, I have the Hubble version - it's a stunning image!



- Scott S.



here is the newest alternative cover. The european N.G. cover version of May 2011 shows "Australia's Great Barrier Reef" (see photo) but the U.S. version shows "Above Yosemite".




Greetings Heiko,


Oh, that's a lovely cover photo! Thanks for updating our running tally and showing us! I'll email you separately about other stuff.



- Scott



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