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- Anyone willing to part with a VG NGM May 1902 issue?

- Anyone interested in a Volume I "bundle"?

    issue 1: original; covers almost complete; professionally just restored  by Matt Johnson, a NGM expert

    issue 2: 1922 reprint - mint

    issue 3: original; mint (signed on cover by NGS charter member George Fairfield)

    issue 4: 1922 reprint - mint

All these materials were purchased from renowned NG dealer Edwin Buxbaum in the 1970s. 

Merry Christmas

Tom Jovin

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Hi Tom,

Have you found a buyer for your Vol 1 bundle? If not, what are looking to get for this? I may be interested.


Larry Moffett

Dear Larry,

Thanks for your message. I must confess that I have not been overwhelmed by expressions of interest (yours is # 1). Thus, I have come to the conclusion that "real" NGM collectors are currently few and far between. As to your specific question, I must admit to a degree of ambiguity. The problem is that I am very (too) attached to these items. For example, I made an extensive search of the provenance of issue 3 based on the knowledge of its owner George Fairfield (a founding member of the NGS). The two reprints are less important (in fact I have two copies of each). Issue 1 I have yet to receive back from the restorer (next month) but assume it is great. I also have a collection of bound originals (including Vol 1) and mighty actually be more inclined to dispose of it. In addition, I have a number of unbound issues of other years (list attached). In some cases, people have expressed an interest and I have answered that they should make me an offer. I guess that my answer to you might be the same.

Sorry if this is a bit incoherent. Collecting and using NGM is a rather emotional experience...




Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response! I love the way you have catalogued your collection. What program did you use to format your matrix? I would like to use this. In the meantime I have copied, altered and pastepd my collection for you to view. The bulk of these singleton originals I obtained in a collection from a Hawaiian collector in the 1990s. All but one are pristine (a duplicate of the Vol VI #8 issue). I only lack the 4 issues in Vol #1 and Vol V #2 to form a complete run of all issues. I do have all original issues in bound format.

Dear Larry,

Believe it or not, I just used MS Word on a Mac (the .docx is attached to this message). Your list is impressive indeed! I guess I should have continued my collection efforts after the 1970's (when Buxbaum was still active). But I was occupied with other matters... It was when I realised that my children had little interest in the NG or NGM, and did/do not dispose of meters of available shelf space, that I decided to be responsible with respect to providing "first aid" for some of them (the restoration of I/1 set me back $1000).and securing a good next home for these precious materials.

take acre,



Thanks Tom!



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