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Update - May 8, 2013 - I've edited the title of this thread to make it easier for others to see that these maps are now available for the price of postage, if interested.  Thanks.

Hi Everybody,

I have about 90 maps from National Geographic, staring with December 1959 and ending with October 1989.  These were from my grandpa's collection, which he gave me, as I was map-happy as a kid.


However, over time, too many collections have built up and I need to downsize.


I was hoping to find a good home for these maps.  They are all in Near Mint condition, I would say the average grade is 9.0 out of 10.0.


I don't have any clue to values, but I thought offering them for $1 each, plus postage would be fair.


If anyone is interested, please post or message me.  I can also post a list of the maps, here.


Thank you for your time.



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Hi again,

A very helpful member of this board, Philip, has educated on the value of my maps.  Much appreciated, Philip. 

I would still like to find a good home for them, if anyone is interested in them, they are available for the cost of postage and any handling, if I need to buy a protective envelope from the Post Office (they run about $2.30 each, tax included).

And I am in Ontario, Canada, to give you an idea where they are shipping from, postage-wise.

Thanks again.

What would you want for all of them. Boxed and shipped to South Carolina. Don't know if I can afford them, but have to ask.

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for your interest.  Could I have your zip code, to calculate postage costs?

Hi Everybody,

I've done a rough calculation for shipping the box of maps to the U.S. and it would be about $50.00.


If anyone is interested in these maps, they are yours for the cost of postage, please just post your Zip Code and I can get an exact postage cost.


The wife has given me one more month to try and find a home for these.  After that, it's the recycling bin!


I see others on the site offering whole sets of N.G. for free, so I won't be surprised if there is no interest in these.  I would just rather find a home for these than throw them out.


Thanks for your time.





Hi Everyone,

I've edited the title of this thread to make it easier for others to see that these maps are now available for the price of postage, if interested. 


Hi Chuck!

How much would it cost to ship them to Bancroft, Ontario, K0L 1C0?


Hi Wendy,

I will have to check tonight, when I get home, as I don't have the weight and dimensions of the box with me. 

When I calculated shipping to the U.S. it was $50.  I'm sure it'll be less than half of that, but I will confirm tonight.

Thanks for your interest!




Hi Wendy,

Sorry for the delay.  The cost to ship the box to Bancroft, Ontario would be approx. $17.00 for 3-day service, $22 for 2-day service, and $37 for 1-day service.

If you're interested, let me know!


Hi Chuck!

I am interested in the maps.  My e-mail is  We can exchange info there.





Hi Wendy,

Sorry for the delay, I was away.  I have sent you an email!



Hi Wendy,

I haven't heard back from you.  Are you still interested in the maps?  If not, no big deal, need to get them out of the house, so unfortunately the recycle bin is their next home.



Yes, I am interested in the maps.  I'm at year end at work and have been putting in quite a few hours.  Sorry for not responding sooner.

How should I get the money to you?

My e-mail is







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