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I was trying to replace my damaged May 2006 issue but discovered the seller was not aware the issue came with a perforated foldout titled “Physical Map of Australia.”

I had not inquired before purchase, so was miffed to find the item missing. However, there was no telltale stub to indicate the item ever existed in the copy I purchased.

Could this be a regional thing (I lived in Maryland at the time) for subscription circulation?

The foldout immediately succeeds the last page of “voices.”


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My issue is from a Maryland subscription address as well.  As with your original, damaged copy, it has the maps (same map on each side).  I notice that they are copyrighted by the NGS but also clearly labeled as a "Special Advertising Section".

It will be interesting to here if their are many issues out there sans maps.  Hope you get some responses.


Thanks for the reply Tom.

I thought yours would have it and yes, hope to hear from others around the country.




I have 2 copies of May 2006. One is the members (subscription ) copy with the polar bear cover. The other is a news stand copy with the Judas Gospel on the cover. Both have the Australian map. I will post the Gospel cover.


Sooooo many variations????

Thanks Phil!

Hey Mel,    I thought there would be more discussion. I do not have another May 2006 in the house. I have four modern runs and thought I would come across one. They would have come from local collections. I have to admit my list of supplements and foldouts is hit and miss after 2001. I will take a survey and let you know. 

I have two issues in Iowa and Two in Colorado that do not appear to have ever had the supplement.

I have one in California that Dose have the Supplement.

Interesting...  Since it was clearly marked as an advertisement, was not page numbered, and of a heavier stock; I guess it didn't make it into all the issues.

Thanks Tom, I still have not seen one so I did not know it was part of an add. I can certainly see an add for Australia being targeted at coastal states, which it the pattern shown by available data.  

I checked the May 2006 Nat Geo DVD and it has two thirds of the Australian map on the front side. The entire rear of the map is not there......

Everyone - thanks for the fact checking. Interesting variations and speculations; I think you hit it on the head Mike with the coastal advertisings.




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