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I am searching for January through September 1919, but I'd be willing to purchase the entire year if the price was right.  I'm only interested in copies that are in decent shape and not too disheveled.

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I can vouch for wdwak56. I you contact him with a request for an entire year (or most of one) he may pull from his inventory or even end sales early to sell you a bundle at a small discount. He tends to be a bit higher than most, but his assessment is always spot on.

I can also vouch for heartforethiopia, though they are not as refined in their assessments. Open dialogue will solve any issues, and they will work with you.

I don't really have enough experience with other that have listed for 1919, but all they can say is "no" if you ask them to offer you a bundled price.

Good luck!


Awesome.  Thank you.  I'll reach out to them.

Hi Mel.  Doug says hi!  :)  He got back to me immediately with a selection of 1919 issues.  Unfortunately their condition is not as good as I was hoping for.  I may go for them, but I'd like to check with heartforethiopia first.  However, I can't find them on Ebay.  When I search that name nothing comes up.  Do you have any tips on locating them?

Another dealer I've had excellent transactions with is:

though I only see two 1919's he has listed. He may have inventory he has not listed.

Another dealer I have not dealt with for a long time, primarily due to their inventory does not go back as far as I'm searching, is:

You should also consider looking at the top left margin of the main page of this forum and investigate "the dealers" link.

Finally, my experience is to get what's available at the right price, then set up a permanent search on eBay so you're notified when a new listing is made for what you're searching for. Then bid away on a single issue that will improve your collection.

Good Luck!


Excellent.  Thank you very much!

Hi Mel.  Just wanted to let you know that a few days after Doug offered me those questionable copies, while I was still mulling it over and looking elsewhere for higher quality options, he contacted me letting me know he had found a complete set in excellent condition!  It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  Just received them in the post today and could not be happier!  These issues were the last piece of the puzzle for me to complete a run going back to 1915 and it's a wonderful feeling to have finally filled this last hole.  Just wanted to say a hearty thank you for pointing me in his direction.  The guy is a paragon of diligence and attention to detail.  A true pleasure to deal with :)

Your welcome John.

Through eBay purchases (pick up option), I was able to meet him near where I used to live in Maryland. As fortune would have it, we discovered a friendship going on 15 years now. I value his opinion on more than just NatGeo. I am sincerely happy he was able to provide you what you were looking for. Thank you for the feedback.


I'm not sure if or when I'll find the budget to extend my collection back beyond 1915, but he'll be the first person I reach out to when I do.  I wonder if he has some inside connection to the magazine to obtain such a wide variety of those old, rare issues...

He does, and there are others - but some of the great ones are retired or gone.

It's all in the timing!




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