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Hello all, I am looking for a good home my issues of National Geographic. If you are interested, I would prefer to sell the collection as a whole.

1915 - July to December bound
1916 - July to December bound
1918 - Jan to Jun bound
all the rest are loose issues
1920 - Mar, Apr
1921 - Mar, Apr, Jul, AUg
1922 -Jun
1923 - Jan, Mar, jul, aug, dec
1924 - Missing jan, aug, nov
1925 - Missing nov
1926 - Missing eb, jul, sep , oct
1927 - Missing mar, jun, dec
1928 - Missing jan, jun, jul
1929 - complete dup of oct
1930 - Missing Jul dup -mar, aug
1931 - Missing Jun, dec
1932 - complete dup feb,oct
1933 - complete
1934 - complete
1935 - Jan-Jun bound, Jul-dec loose
1936 - complete
1937 - Jan-Jul bound, Missing feb, apr
1938 - complete
1939 - completes
1940 - Missing nov
1941 - complete dup feb,jul. dec
1942 - Missing oct, dup jan, feb, may
1943 - Missing sep, dup may, aug, oct, dec
1944 - Missing mar, jun, oct, dup apr, aug, sep
1945 - complete dup jul
1946 - Missing apr, dec, dup jan, mar,jun
1947 - Missing feb, may,sep
1948 - Missing feg, mar, oct, nob
1949 - Missing jan, feb,mar, jun,jul, sep, nov
1950 - Missing apr, sep, oct dup mar
1951 - Missing jul
1952 - Missing aug, sep
1953 - Missing jun
1954 - complete
1955 - Missing mar, apr, may jul dup -dec
1956 - Missing jan, feb, jun oct
1957 - Missing feb, mar, may, jun, jul, dec
1958 - Missing jan, feb, apr, may, jun, jul, sep
1959 - Missing feb, mar, apr, may sep , oct ,dec dup jul

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I am wondering if anyone is interested in this collection.  I will see if some of my local schools may be interested. Otherwise it is a shame to discard all the wonderful issues..  I feel there is value, but i don't know how to make it happen.  


There certainly is "value" in these. Admittedly, it is hard or time-consuming to sell a bulk lot of Nat Geo magazines . . . a collection such as yours.

You can also try your local Craigslist, and if you are able or inclined to make the effort, you can use eBay to try and sell them.


     ~ Scott S.

Wish I was closer!

Wendy (Bancroft, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you for your reply.

Another idea is to ask at retirement homes if they would be interested in your donation?



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