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  I have noticed an error on the title page on the January 1931 issue. I have 4 copies of this issue. 3 copies have the volume number as LVIX which is incorrect. The other copy has the correct volume number LIX. (of the 4 issues 2 are bound and 2 are individual issues). Both pages are below.

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Nice catch!

Of the six copies I have (one bound), four are of the LVIX version and two are of the LIX (correct) version.

I had never noticed this before.

As I am about to make a long distance move, I will be discarding nearly 6000 NG magazines that I was organizing to open an eBay store with - I will definitely be keeping a good copy of the "correct" version in my collection.

Thanks for your eagle eye!






I just saw this me regular, or message me here. I'd like to chat a bit about your plans/endeavor to "discard...6,000 issues..." Wow.


 - Scott


Yep - we are presently in contract negotiations with the "concept" we will need to vacate by EOM May.

Here's a sample of my extras:


That is a new one for me too. A new enty for 1931. Now Mel are you getting getting eaten alive by local collectors wanting your discards? I've moved a few tons of Geos. in a day. Its not fun. Goodluck my friend.  Mike O

Ha - barely a nibble...

"Creativesold" on eBay came up from North Carolina and absconded with about 2/3rd of the extras and made a consignment contract with me for most of the older (not oldest) extra issues.

All of the rest of the extras (mostly late '60's and newer) went into the recycle bin (key issues did survive, i.e. those with record inserts and holographic covers etc., as well as all of the supplements).

I am sorry to say that I will no longer be able to refer to or research "my entire collection" for questions such as Philip presented here - but at least I'll have my loose and bound collection and I'm happy to report that someone will probably be able to enjoy the extras I did have because Daniel rescued them from their otherwise dire fate.

We depart Maryland on the 10th of June - so I'll be out of touch for a while until I have time to get set up in our new home in Texas.

Catch you on the up side Mike!

Hey Mel,

   Happy travels. I bought out a man in Minnasota a couple years ago who had just spent $1000 getting rid of his book collection. Still if we did not stock pile Geos. collecting would be a whole lot tougher. Goodluck & Godbless, Mike


Best of luck on your June move from Maryland to Texas....


Thanks Phil!



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