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It's a Wonderful Life

and National Geographic has been a part of it.

Merry Christmas to all at the 'Corner,

Tom Wilson

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Nice message - absolutely agree! 

(I almost was going to post George Bailey with his NGM today too)  

: - ) 

Merry Christmas everyone!

I saw this fantastic film for the first time on Christmas this year and was very excited when I saw the National Geographic mention! Apparently it is the October 1919 issue according to this link:

Based on George Bailey's age in the film during the mention of the National Geographic, it makes sense.

Happy Holidays everyone.


Thank you for the interesting link, and Happy Holidays.

I've always tried figuring out which issue it was, I knew it was 1919, but the month is scratched out in the film copy. When I try and zoom in on the cover's content text, it gets so de-pixelated, I cannot discern any titles....

Thanks Pece !

The October 1919 issue had the lead article "A Vanishing People of the South Sea" by John W. Church.  It contains an iconic full-page nude "A Daughter of a Dying Race."

No wonder George Bailey wanted to sail to the South Seas.

Good evening,

So, on New Year's Eve (last night) I was watching "It's A Wonderful Life" -- such a classic! I love how later in the film, George's brother Harry gets off the train and says something like "How's my adventure-explorer brother?" as he goes to play-punch him in the gut.

Also, earlier this week, I was reading Gilbert M. Grosvenor's new book (13-Sept-2022), and on page 383, he writes, 

Membership meant more than mere subscription. It had cachet that won loyalty. A man once walked across the island of Sri Lanka just to show me his framed membership certificate. Ernest Hemingway's short story "Homage to Switzerland" is about two strangers waiting for a train who discover that each is a member of the Society.

In It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, holds up a copy of the magazine and exclaims, "I've become a member of the National Geographic Society!" It sounds corny, but membership mattered. It mattered to collector's too, who salted away every publication and product we ever released. And it certainly mattered to the gentleman who placed the following ad in the Denver Post: "SHELIA: Please return my National Geographic Collection. You may keep the engagement ring."

I love that Mr. Grosvenor shared this.

           - - Scott S.

Such eloquence, as ever!

Then again as the good man said:

"In August 1909, the NG Advertising Manager referred to his 50,000 Members as "well-to-do and cultured". 

Very true, good quote George!

And also, George, I had recently sent you some messages in December, so be sure to check your Inbox.... I know the Ning site does not always send email alerts when messages are received.

Happy New Year!



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