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At 12:52pm on December 20, 2010, Marts said…

Hey Scott thats really cool, and thanks for the welcome. Its great to meet other Nat Geo lovers!

At 6:19am on December 30, 2010, Marts said…
Hi Scott, thanks for the Nat. Geo. friendship!!
At 6:37pm on February 14, 2011, Karen Huffman said…

Hi, Scott, Great to hear from you and thank you for the reminder. Yes, the six of us will watch. We are babysitting our two granddogs -- two brindle Bulldogs -- along with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Silver Lab (not yet AKC recognized). I like the coonhounds and the Icelandic sheepdog. ~ Karen

At 6:43pm on February 20, 2011, Marts said…
Hi Scott, I haven't been on here for a while either, but good to hear from you... I've got to update my page, add some new photos and other collection stuff...
At 4:55pm on April 7, 2011, Ricardo Tavares Dias said…



thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I have been following on and off for many years, especially on the old forum, but I'm now determined to help keep this site alive, and it's so much better.




At 1:20pm on May 16, 2011, Jeremy Polunsky said…
Does you know the exact pricing on Original National Geographic Magazines Volume 1 No. 2, 3 and 4??   Thanks
At 7:29pm on June 28, 2011, Jess Leonard said…
I have only the current and last years, and a couple from 2008 I bought at the airport.  Looking to get some back to my birth year, though that may be a lot (336).  I currently live in the States.
At 7:37pm on June 28, 2011, Jess Leonard said…
That's 336 issues, not years!  :)
At 3:03pm on May 7, 2013, Rafael Castañeda A said…

I did not see until now and after I read your mail this friend request thank you very much for your comments and i will come more often to share

At 6:58pm on February 9, 2015, Jeffry Persons said…


Under what group would I include article reprints from the NGM?

Also, I have many books that relate to NGS, but not published by NGS.  They relate to the Society's explorations, Hubbard medal winners or just the use of the Society's resources.  Would they go under the Technical group?

Thanks for your help,


At 7:46pm on February 9, 2015, Scott T. Shier said…

Hey Jeff, thanks for the interest in wanting to post and for the good question. Perhaps it shows that I/we still need to re-word or clarify more explicitly what some of the groups are //supposed// to be. I'm open to suggestions anywhere I can clear up the verbiage in the Info. in each group (at least the ones I created, that is).

Anyway, if you are referring to things like the technical reports that were co-sponsored by NGS-Yale Univ., or NGS & Smithsonian, etc. those type things should go under the Vintage,Technical group.

Looking at the 20 groups that exist right now, if you have stuff about Hubbard Medals, medal recipients, news items related thereto might I call your attention to the Epherema & Collectibles group. Even if you have something not Society produced, that's a good place for it. 

As for anything like explorers, writers, scientists, etc. (who have been featured in NGM or Society stuff ) who have a book or something that is not an NGS/NGM/NGC item proper, but bears heavy connection or inter-relationships, I guess I need to create a new group like I was thinking of back in Dec. 

I have some stuff too that I wanted to share that is not technically NGS, but is so intertwined or connected that it seems worth sharing, but there seemed no place to put it "off to the side". 

If you have something specific you can private message me and I'll offer a recommendation where to post it. As for the various Book groups I set up, I just wanted to indicate that since there are several distinct eras or book series lines, to merely have one sole group for "All NGS Books" seemed like an invitation to confusion and a lack of delineation between genre, era, type. 

Thus why I created the Book Service, Special Pubs, Vintage/Tech., and 'modern era' w/ loose date ranges. The exception would be Atlases since there was some consensus that they should be apart of the Maps group.... in the sense of "cartography" items. 

Hope this helps some of the intention behind the Groups. For a long time there was a lack of specific groups, such that discussions + postings were just all disappearing in the wall feed and you'd have to go digging for things without knowing what was where, when, by who. At least in theory, you can go to a Group and expect to find relevant discussions and they seem to visually show up more prominently.

Should we have a group exclusively for The (NGM) Magazine itself? If not, I am momentarily stumped as to the best place for reprints to go . . . other than just a general discussion on the main wall.

I will get a group made for "Ancillary/things connected to NGS" to hopefully encompass what you might have, and what I know I have.

- Scott

At 10:06pm on August 11, 2015, George Thomas Wilson said…


Just ran across this on the web and I thought you'd like to see it.


At 5:25pm on August 15, 2015, George Thomas Wilson said…


For some reason, Snoopy keeps popping up on the internet.  Here's another one:


At 3:19am on January 30, 2016, David Lee said…

Thanks for the greetings Scott! Glad to be here

At 8:10pm on April 28, 2016, George Thomas Wilson said…

Go for it, Bro.

At 5:33pm on May 10, 2016, Irene Cole said…

Yes it is and it is in the original mailing tube, sent to my great grandmother.

At 11:08pm on June 1, 2016, Randy Rydberg said…

I actually don't have a subscription yet as I'm unemployed right now, but I've read the two issues that are out (at the store) and am going to subscribe immediately when I'm working again!  I'm actually going to subscribe to the main magazine again after being away for a few years, there are so many Geographics out there that need homes, and it's cheaper to buy them second-hand.  But I miss having them show up in the mail, that's a nice thing too.  And the digital access to the entire back issue catalog is going to be nice to have.  I have the CD's for that now, but they need to be updated.

At 3:18pm on August 12, 2016, Donald Whitfield said…


At one time, I had every NG issue from my birth-month, March '47, to the current issue but a couple of cross-country moves significantly trimmed my collection (although I have retained all the maps). Never kept them in slipcases. Sad to say, though, after subscribing for over four decades, I have made the decision not to renew. I think that the magazine has become slighter and less adventurous and has shifted the fine balance between text and photos (to the detriment of the former) that it so skillfully maintained for many, many years. For me, it had a good run and I'll continue to enjoy re-reading many of the back issues I still possess.


At 12:19am on November 29, 2016, Denise DeLeeuw said…
Hi Scott, my cabinet is more for storage and display. Wood double doors on bottom half and glass doors on top. There is a carved wooden head on top peak.
At 10:33pm on January 5, 2017, Mark Van Winkle said…

Thanks, Scott! A couple of weeks ago I combed through eBay listings. It appears most years back to about 1920 can be purchased for $30 or so. Then I realized I had the cart before the horse -- I really need a carpenter to build bookcases, THEN I can buy the years I need prior to 1946. I never heard back from the lady in Nashville, so I guess she chunked that large accumulation she had.

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