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The site owners have put together a detailed inventory list catagorizing the National Geographic Magazine.

For those who do not wish to develop and maintain their own spreadsheet this is an excellent and simple tool to use.

I'd recommend it:

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June 2002, is actually a Ford Advertisement with the Map: The Quest For Everest

June 2007, is actually a Dow Advertisement with the Map: H20

Neither of the above is labeled in red on the binding but both are in-fact loose supplements sponsored by advertisers.

In the Red Brick issues (and actually all the way up to Jan 1902 - the last two plate formats used in magazine issues), most of the Plates are of different paper stock AND have no page numbers AND many of them are larger than the printed page - do they qualify as "supplements" as well?

This discussion can (and should) go on, we'll probably accomplish more than Congress does this year.

In all seriousness, because it truly is difficult to decide (even for personal edification) what to include, I developed a "List of Plates for the First 13 NG Volumes (1888-1902)." This list assists me in verifying the contents so often removed from the older magazines. In this list, I highlight all "larger than the printed page" plates, at least two "larger than the printed page" supplements not listed as plates, even though they qualify as such in accordance with earlier publications, and finally, I describe how each of the plates are identified within the issues published: some were not labeled (on the plates) but listed in the table of contents; some were both labeled and listed in the table of contents; and some were labeled but not listed in the table of contents.

One thing is for sure (especially with the oldest issues where the NGS was trying to figure out how to do things) there is "considerable" inconsistency in all things pertaining to the NGM - which just makes our task all the more interesting (or consuming).

I am enjoying this discussion as I hope you guys are too!


Thanks Mel.  I knew the 2007 map was by Dow but I didn't know the 2002 one was by Ford (and 11 month before the "official" Everest map).  BTW the "Quest for Everest" is in the XYZ template while the "H2O: The Essential Human Element" is not.

I do not have all the Red Brick individual issues but for the volumes that are incomplete (3, 4, & 5) I have bound volumes as backups.  I still need 39 more issues between 1896 and 1905 (as well as 10 issues from the above mentioned volumes).

You posted your list of plates and I believe I downloaded It.  I'll see if I can find it and print it out.  It'll take me awhile to go through all the Plates I have but It will be interesting (and fun) doing so.  Of hand, how many of these Plates are immediately after the front cover, bound only by staples, and are so vividly colored?  It is a pretty map don't you think?

And yes, I am enjoying this discussion and learning alot as I go.




I've got to go do some "honey do" things.

I am constantly revising my lists as I find new "inconsistencies" in my inconsistent way of thinking...???...hence, if you'd like a revised list please send me an email and I'll make any changes I've annotated on it and send it to you by tomorrow:

Off hand, I don't have the answer to your first question - I'd have to go through all the issues to find the answer. And yes, I do agree that map set the standard for the NGS. I think they met it and more!


I've now added the August 2000 Sydney Olympics and June 2007 Water supplements; and I'm enjoying this too, and also learning.

I do have another supplements question that perhaps one of you can help me with.  I've been going through eBay sales, looking for completed sales of the supplements to enter price information into XYZ, and I noticed that for some maps the seller lists an index too.  Here's an example:

I hope that long URL works OK -- if not, just go to eBay and search for "National Geographic 1949 map index".

Can you tell me if this index is a separate supplement -- that is, for these issues were there two loose items in the magazine, a map and an index?




In addition to the magazine issues with supplements, the NGS also published "separately" index/map combinations for sale using the same map provided as a supplement to the magazine.

These combinations are yet "another" collector's list. I am a long, long way from having anywhere near a complete list of the index/map combinations the NGS produced.

In short, please don't confuse the sale of these combinations with the magazine + supplement sales, or simply the individual supplement sales.

Hope this helps!



That's very helpful.  (I would have replied to your message but for some reason I don't see a reply button on your message, so I'm replying to the one above.)

I would eventually like to add these, but I would guess far fewer people collect them so it's a lower priority.  If you ever get a thorough list together, I would love to hear about it, though.

I could also create the list on the website with a description that makes it clear it's a partial list, and add to it as I encounter more of the indices.

One other question -- are the maps identical to the ones distributed with the magazines?  That is, if you have a map in your hands, can you tell the difference between one sold with an index and one that came as a supplement with an issue of the magazine?


I believe this site has only a three level response system, hence, no reply button on the last few responses.

The maps associated with the Indexes are the "exact" maps issued with the magazines as supplements.

There are, of course, exceptions. One example is the 1961 Index, "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," which uses the NGS pupblished wall map dated,"WASHINGTON:1960".




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