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Recently aquired a very large collection of Nat Geo's 1907-1960s (all unbound). including April 1913 w/ sup

Hi everyone, I recently was able to acquire a very large collection of Nat Geos ranging from 1907-1960. I've only gone through about 7 boxes (400 or so magazines) so far, but will be picking up the others this week (there's roughly 15 more boxes). If anyone is intrested in particular years or issues please let me know, I have a decent number of duplicates in the 1910s and 20s. I also have two issues of the April 1913 (Peru), one has the original insert with original cover and binding and the other does not contain the insert.

If you're interested please let me know! Also if anyone has a good condition Sept 1923 (corsica) I would be interested in buying or trading!

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Hi Stephen,

I need the entire years of 1924 and 1940. Also, I need a single issue from June 1938.

The 1907 to 1916 issues are of interest if they are complete years and in problem-free condition. How much for these years?


Mark Van Winkle


Currently i've only opened an gone through 8 boxes with 20 still left to open (each box has around 50 magazines)

I'm missing 1924 Jan and Feb but have the rest with duplicates in the later months. (I'm sure I have jan and feb somewhere in the unopened boxes)

I have 2 copies of Jun 1938, and can send you photos of both.

I also have the first half of 1940 right now but know the rest is in there.

As for the 1907-1916s, I dont have complete years in those yet unfortunately. I'm missing 1 month for 1916 and 2 months for 1913 and 1915.

Sounds like you still need to get those boxes opened and organized. Sure, send me photos of the June 1938 issues. I'm still new to this Collector's Corner, so it it helps you can send email to:




How much do you need for the April 1913 issue with the pictorial included?



Hello Stephen,

What is the condition of the magazines  from 1910 to 1919?  Are the spines intact and are the covers clean?

Thank you,

Jeff Persons



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