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Does anyone have a 1986 or later version of the Close-Up USA map of Florida. If so, could someone tell me if the town of Coconut Grove is shown on the map.


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Sorry Stephen, my Close-up USA is from 1978. No Coconut Grove.


Alright, I checked my sets, but I only have immediate access currently to my 1978 + 1996 Close-Up USA sets. SEE attached photo, below: Coconut Grove IS on this version (whether it was on either 1986 or 1988 Close-Up USA sets, I do not know for sure).

As Tom already indicated, it is not on the 1978 edition of this map.

- Scott S.


Thank you for looking. I had come across an article about Coconut Grove not being included in the 1973 map and 1978 map revision. Carol Myers who was Melville Bell Grosvenor's sister was notified that people could not find her home which was in Coconut Grove. Apparently, some of the Grosvenor family had residences in Coconut Grove. She and other residents wrote then-cartographer Richard Darley about the omission. Darley had said the Geographic had a rule about not showing places that are parts of other places. Since Coconut Grove was part of Miami during the 1970's, National Geographic had omitted it from the map. Darley had agreed when the next revision came about, Coconut Grove would be included. I think 1986 was when all the Close-Up: USA series maps were revised. Darley had retired from the Geographic in 1985.


Stephen, I read your follow-up comment the day you posted it, but was called away as I started to reply. 

Thanks for the little anecdote story on this! I always enjoy behind-the-scenes tid-bits about this kind of detail, ie, why an alteration/revision was made or not, how & why a decision-making process came to fruition, etc. 

You similar interest in Society's business as myself, it seems  : - ) 

- Scott


Yes, I am interested in the back stories about how things like map series were created at the magazine.

I came across another bit of information about a map supplement. In 1985, National Geographic donated 65,000 August 1983 Deep South map supplements to the state of Mississippi. 60,000 of the maps went to Mississippi's school system. The other 5,000 went to Mississippi's Department of Tourism. I'm presuming these were the plastic coated sales versions.



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