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Interested in selling a NG collection from 1924 up until Current edition!

Hi I recently inherited a National Geographic collection from my father. Its from Jan 1924 to the most current edition in FULL. They are all in VERY Good condition, in plastic binders and protective covers. I know have a value in mind. So please contact me if you are interested!

I will gladly email pictures and ect if anyone makes contact and is interested. 

Thank you for your time.

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This should assist you:

It is based on the U.S. market, you'll need to account for that.

Good luck, and sorry for your loss.


Hi Melvin, so if we assume, i have every book from January 1924 up until the most current edition, and they are in Plastic folder protected and all in good condition what estimate you would put on the collection in $ ? 500 ? 1000 ?

I read the guide but its hard for me to put a value based on the guide.

Thank you so much of your time!

I'm sorry Stelio, but you're going to have to do math and make your personal determination about condition.

Having an issue is not an end to itself in determining value. You must first determine the condition.

I grant you, the only condition I explained is "very good - or - VG."

Read the definition of VG and determine for yourself the value of each of your issues. If the condition is better, it's more valuable; if it's worse - less valuable.

Then look under the heading of VALUE.

You'll find a general listing by decade in decreasing value, i.e. a 1920 starts at $15 per issue sliding down to $10 for 1929.

Follow each decade in that fashion.

Condition is subjective - use your best guess. This guess leads you to value - again a subjective call based on what you determined the condition to be. Add them up - a lengthy process.

You're going to have to do the work, it is nearly impossible for me to place a value on your collection sight unseen.

Good luck!

Thanks Melvin. I did the math and came up with a figure!

I also have a large collection on NGs with many dubs & trips.   Is there any body to get an Quote on there value?

Please read my reply to Stelio above...

  Thanks for the reply.      Some are in 6 month binders.         Frederick Co. Md.  School board & library  ( only want back cover ) have no space / donation only.        Buy your report, I some work to do (value).   Would nursing homes have a use?



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