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GIVE-AWAY: >National Geographic bound copies:

    39 binders: each holds 6 issues; 1950s, 60s, 70s; GOOD condition--- 

D.C. suburbs in MD—YOU PICK 'EM UP! 

Each binder weighs 5 pounds- Too heavy and too bulky; I can't handle 'em.  

Don't want them to go to the landfill--- Don't want them to go to a kindergarten for kids to make

     them into Christmas trees---

     They'll show your kids what was happening in their grandparent's time.

ALSO: A LARGE collection of single issues, packed by year in plastic bags:

    [a few strays 1950's & 60's  [larger sets from the 1970's & 80s, some complete, some not;

    [sets from the 1990s & 2000's,  most complete, a few missing.


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Which Bound issues do you have? I know you said 50's 60's and 70's but can you tell me the exact year ranges for those?


Hello Josh- I will unpack these again for you.
You will have to tell me if you are within range to pick them up.
I'm glad to know there is some interest.
Where are you located in Maryland? I have a friend who is going to be in the state next week maybe he will be in the area.
Sadly I am not in range to pick them up, but I was hoping maybe you could ship them my way. I went on and too a rough estimate from Maryland to New Jersey and 50 lbs. could be shipped for about $20. The one good thing about shipping Magazines is there is that wonderful Media Mail Rate ;]. If you are apposed to shipping them that is fine, I completely understand.
I live in MD, about 14 mi. S. of the Beltway (I-95/495) S. on Rt. 210 along the Potomac.
The bound volumes have 6 issues in each, 2 volumes per year; including 1959 to 1978; all issues included. 20 years x2 ea.= 40 binders
The 40 binders each weigh about 5 lb; = 200 lb.
$20 per 50 lb= 4x$20 =$80
I will also have to buy boxes.
You will have to pay for shipping.

Maybe you would rather wait to see if I get any contacts from people closer to.
I am elderly and rather arthritic so I don't want to handle them any more than necessary.

Are you a collector or a dealer?
Elaine, you could try the charity or call 888 445 8787..they make regular pickups and specifically list NG as products they want. I believe they probably serve the MD suburbs of DC. You might also try the Viet Veterans @ or call 800 VVA (882) 1316. Their home office is in Silver Springs MD
Thanks for the info. I'll let you know what happens.



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