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Crazy & Ludicrous Bidding WARS, etc. on Jan. 2017, May 2016 et al.

Clearly I didn't get the memo. Look at this sale price posted currently for a newsstand copy of January 2017's NGM --->

Gee whiz, I posted (and sold) my extra one in March for $6.95 ! Ha.

Notwithstanding this seller's "buy-now" price point, the actual auction bids on both cover editions for Jan. 2017 have been very hot, and quite exorbitant.

Also, this past year I have noted the bidding wars and outrageous pricing for May 2016's Yellowstone issue. To a lesser pricing extent, I would say that RE: May 2016, such may be a scosche more warranted.


- Scott S.

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I wonder if they meant $9.99 and never checked the post. News stand prices are $5.99, and used book stores in this area sell recent issues for $2.



In this case, per this particular issue, no I can guarantee they meant exactly $99. Start checking out Jan 2017 and May 2016 to see the high buy-now's, and the crazy bidding on them. One person recently had the pink person cover for $500 !

- Scott

It is really laughable when you see such wide variations in price,  Either the high-priced sellers are idiots, or smart if any fool buys them! :-)


"A fool and his money are soon parted."

That $500 subscription copy is INSANE.  I immediately though up some comments but bit my tongue.  I don't want to be banned from this site.

I hear you Tom - thought long and hard and decided it wasn't worth it...

Thanks darthsnoopy (Scott) for bringing it up.... :)

Mel, how come you be callin' me darthsnoopy? haha

Gee...I was going to buy 5 at that price to resell ......



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