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I remembered that you kept an excellent record of not only loose supplements, posters, plates, etc., but also any multi-page foldouts in the magazines.  Anyway, my question is...

When was the last National Geographic issue that had no multi-page foldout (map, photo, graph, etc.) within it pages?

The reason for the question is that I have perused the September 2020 issue (the newsstand version, I haven't receive my subscription copy yet) and it has no multiple pages whatsoever.  I can't remember the last time I've notice this happening.

Yours in collecting,

Tom Wilson

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From the first issue through December 2012 I maintain an inventory of loose supplements (pictures/recordings/supplements{e.g. special advertisements}), this includes items that are "tipped-in or bound-in with perforated pages" such that they may be removed without disturbing the written articles.

Pages that fold out (no matter how many folds) and are numbered so as to be integral with a written article are not included in my inventory.

I have not opened any magazines published Jan 2013 or newer in a silent protest to the politically correct direction, i.e. activist versus pure factual reporting, the magazine has become.

The bottom line, I unable to answer your question.



Thanks for getting back to me, Mel.

Take care and be safe.

Hi Mel!

Would you consider sharing your inventory list?


Friend request sent...

I received it.




Would you be willing to share your inventory list with me?

I have been collecting maps for 15 years but am new to this site,

thank you.



There are several lists and other interesting map related items in Philip Riviere's Map & Supplement Group located here at the 'Corner.

You can find it here.  You can read and download anything you want, but to post anything you must join the group.

Tom Wilson

Thank you Tom.



I have sent a request to join the Map and Supplement group couple weeks ago and am still waiting for the approval.

Not sure if it means that the group is not accepting new members, what is your opinion, please?

Sorry to hear that, Helena.

Phil passed away a few years back and he is/was the only person who could grant you access.

You can ask Cathy Hunter, the admin here, if she could do anything about it.

I see. Thank you.



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