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I'm from Romania and I want to start a collection. I've got some 80's issues and I started to buy NGM in september 2008.
I want to buy the issues from 1991 to august 2008.
If somebody can help, I will be very happy.

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As i posted a little earlier I do have some National Geographic's Post 1970 that I am looking to find a good home for. If you would like I can make a list of the years, volumes, and months and send it to you. I also have an extra set of slipcases from 1993. Let me know if you would like some of them. I am not looking to make a huge profit so It would really just cost you shipping price + a few dollars. Hope I can help out a fellow collector :)
Which years do you have? I would prefer the period 1991-2000 because I don't have enough space for my collection. How much it will cost those issues?
I have the following: (All in Mint/Near Mint Condition unless noted)

1990: Jan, Oct, Nov
1992: Feb, June (June has a partially ripped spine about 1/2 inch. Can provide picture)
1993: June (also have the Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec Slipcases for this month)
1994: Oct
2000: Nov
2001: Feb, Jul, April
2003: Jan, Jan, March, April, Dec
2006: Sept.

Pricing wise I was thinking about $4 USD for the issues and about $4 for the leather cases. For a total of $8 + Shipping for about $38. So that would total $46. Let me know what you want to do. The price is negotiable but the shipping price is not because the rate is predetermined by the USPS.
Ok. I accept the offer.8$ isn't a lot of money. It is really cheap so I can afford it. I understand that shipping price is not negotiable. About the payment: how i will pay for that issues?
You've got any e-mail adress to give you my details?
My email is Do you have a paypal account? That is probably the easiest form of payment oversees. In the meantime i will pack your package up. Would you like me to include the duplicate Jan or just one of them?
The problem is I don't have a paypal account.So if suggest another way (that's why I ask you about payment). About Jan 2003 I want just one of them.
Well there is always a money order or a personal check which will always work just fine. Or there is Western Union money transfers. But by far the safest way to send money is paypal because it is also insured and is free to set up an account. Any way works for me. I don't know the logistics of the systems of where you are. If you have any ideas I may have overlooked please feel free to tell me. Email me at and we can work this all out. Thanks again for your interest
I was very busy yesterday, so I didn't have time to respond. About payment, my brother recently made a paypal account, so I'll use his. The single problem is we are not familiar with that kind of payment, so you will have to explain to me how to use it.
About details, you are requiring for more than full name and adress? I'll send the details via e-mail to you.
I just need full name, address, your post code, and country. For PayPal, if you give me the email address linked with the PayPal account, I will compile an invoice for you. It makes it a lot easier for PayPal to process the payment. In case you don't have it my email address it

Be sure to check out other postings people have left on this site, as they are endeavoring to get rid of their Nat Geos. Since you are in Romania, you're biggest obstacle would be shipping costs.

Best wishes!

Scott T. Shier
Thanks. You're right. The biggest problem is the shipping costs, but the isssues are cheap. Thanks for message.
I'm Giampaolo from Italy
I've 95% of the issues from 1948 ( and also march 1923 and november 1946 ) to 1975 all in english, from 1976 I've the italian version, all in good conditions, are You interested?



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