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Anybody looking for some advice on how to Clean-up and/or Repair NGS items?

Feel free to chat with me, via this site or email/message me. I have developed some ways (through trial-and-error!) on how to clean up, refurbish, repair NGS books and issues.

Basically, "freshen up" : )

~ Scott S.

....while I know some folks would be disinclined to alter/repair items, my philosophy is this: are your items for a museum case, or to be looked at, enjoyed and used? We can either take steps to "stem" the tide of decay, or let them turn to dust. Then we won't have them at all...

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scott- I have many old issues of ng and have seen ads for "protective envelopes" made of an inert material. Are these of any value? Do you know where they might be purchased if I were to want to use them|? thx/jay
Hey Jay - - (no rhyme-pun intended!)


I think I know what you are talking about. I'll get back to you this week sometime....

- Scott S.
scott- as I recall they were advertised on the old nat geo collector's corner and were available in lots of 100 and 500. Apparently they were specifically designed to fit the nat geos. thx for the help. thx/jay
Hi Jay, check out this website - they have a good variety of disply and protective (Archival) storage methods/items. I use this store frequently.

Check under Periodicals and Comics sections. I'll have another source of info. for you as well, soon.

- Scott S.
Hello from a fellow Melburnian and National Geographics collector! Dale
haha, "Hi" Dale !
Hello to you Lara!

Congratulations on your acquisition! It's nice to finally see a "Lady" that is into the Geos as well.

Are you familiar with the NGM slipcases? These are the faux-leatherette cases (2 per year/6 issues a case) that you can house your issues in. They are pre-labeled with the months and years on them; they go back to 1950. Though it would be a lot of $$$ via the NGS Store, you can always scout for them in larger qtys. on eBay and such. In this way, I have ALL from 1950-2003 (...2004 - '07 from NGS). Then, I have bought even more, duplicate years, and am relabelling the years on them, so that I can put all my issues 1908-1949 in them too!

That's just an idea for one method. I am not sure if you already had other ideas too, if so I'd like to hear what they are.

have a great week,

Scott T. Shier
Hi Scott,

I come by this group every year or so out of curiosity.

I had posted a question here a number of years ago, but never got a good response. Your comment on re-labelling slip covers caught my eye. I too have purchased enough slip covers to cover the years 1888 - 1949 and am housing that part of my collection (lots of empty spaces) in them. For the last five years they have had yellow sticky notes on them with the dates. I have been trying to figure out a high quality way to re-lable them, but so far, no luck. I have tried to remove the dates from them with a number of chemicals, but nothing works (and some ruin the slip covers). My idea was to re-label using lettraset.

Any ideas?


Sean Jackson
Hi Sean,

Rather than the Dymo labels mentioned earlier her, I use an electronic label maker by Brother (Gold tape with black type to match the cases as closely as possible). The machine was only $50 and the tapes are cheap and available at your local office supply store (Staples, etc.). They look fine on the cases too! Pictures of my set and the label maker are attached for your information. Sorry for the yucky focus - too close for my digital to handle.

Hope this answers your question more satifactorily.

Thanks Debbie,

I know this response is months later, but for some reason i thought i would get an e-mail notice that there was a reply. I am going to check it out next time I'm at staples.

Take care,

Hi Sean. If you have a good laser printer, just drop by your computer shop and take a look at the labels that can be printed now. I chose a bright gold plasticized label that I have had. On my slip cases for a decade now. They still look fantastic and I have never had one come off. Each set of labels comes with a code that works with most word processing software. For example I believe the code for my current labels is J32. All I do is change paper size to labels, J 32 and the page automatically sets up the correct spacing for me. It works like magic, and the bright gold looks great against the Burgundy of the slip covers. I hope this helps.


That's a great suggestion and possibility to explore. I am patiently biding my time until I can really make an effort to properly re-label all my burgundy leatherette cases for all my NGM's from 1920-1949.

Do you have a picture of your labels you'd like to show to us? I'm sure it's 1,000% better than my original suggestion on this thread, some years back. That was when I was first delving into the cases and labeling issue, and was in trial-and-error mode. I had never quite found the perfect "satisfactory" solution...

- Scott S.



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