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I came into a collection of these magazines . We started to go through some of these , and they are almost all in pristine condition havent been touched in decades . 
a few of the very rare vinyls and maps and magazines are worth A lot of money and I don’t want them to go to just anyone . If  you’re interested in these Im going to list the Volume number and the Month , of each of the years down below. We have full years as well as individuals to sell . 
If you see one you like and you want the full year let me know ! We could work something out :) .

most expensive —-> least expensive 

vol.145 No.1 -Jan. 1974 (price is 1,500$ USD)

talk to me about prices if you’re serious about it . 

vol.144 no.6- dec.1973 ( price 1,300$ USD) 

vol.167 -1985 1-6, and vol.168-1985 1,2,3,4,5 and an extra #3 missing no.6 ( full volume 700$ USD) 

compete year 1969 - with vinyl record in December issue (700$USD ) 

Duplicates for year 1969 -  we have vol. 135 no.1,2,3,4,6 no #5 , vol. 136 no.1,2,3,4,5,6 no vinyl in December issue ( selling this non complete year for (500$USD) 

Those are the most valuable ones we’ve found so far . 
And if you have a specific year after 1918 you want , please feel free to ask me if I have it . 

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Hi Brittany,

I am wondering how you valued these?

They are certainly not "rare" and most definitely not "worth a lot of money"!


National geographic Magazine January 1974 | eBay

This is a UK ad. and in the USA would be half that due to much greater availability.

The older ones are obviously worth more but the market is quiet, sluggish or dead depending on who you talk to.

I suggest you try who is a big seller on ebay.

Good luck!

I’m just going by what I was told about them on multiple occasions . 
a lot of people have told me that they are indeed rare especially having more than one copy or ones with vinyl records or maps in them. 
we have plenty with the maps untouched and the vinyls untouched . As well as sought after copies of the magazines . If you’re saying they aren’t worth that much then I think I’ll have to go back through and get them evaluated or apraised . Thanks for letting me know . 

Thank you !



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