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Post-Nathan Article Reprints

On pages 17 through 30 of his 1982 book “Collectibles of the National Geographic Society” Roger Nathan has an impressive, albeit by his own admission incomplete, list of over 300 Article Reprints produced by the NGS.  These reprints span the years 1889 to 1979 with the last one listed being “Our National Parks” from the July 1979 issue of the National Geographic Magazine.   Nathan does not discuss third party article reprints (Bindery Books comes to mind).

I purchased a more recently produced Article Reprint entitled “The Disease Detectives” from the January 1991 issue.  This 32-page pamphlet contains numerous photo and drawings, and discussed the worldwide effort to track the planet’s epidemics.

Knowing that Nathan had done research for a revised edition on his guide, I consulted our resident expert on the subject to see if Roger had listed any newer article reprints in his unpublished update.  To my surprise, there are only two additional article reprints documented:

“Quietly Conserving Nature” from December 1988, and

“La Ruta Maya” from October 1989.

I would be curious to know if there are any other post-Nathan article reprints besides these three out there.



When I first wrote this discussion, I was only aware of three Article Reprints published after Roger Nathan’s Collectors’ Guide.  With the help of Jeff Person's list (see comments) and a few other sources, I have come up with a first draft list of Post-Nathan Article Reprints.  I’m am certain that this list is incomplete and it will be updated to include new “finds” as they occur.

I have also included one Article Reprint that Nathan missed in his extensive, but even by his own admission, partial list.


Post-Nathan Article Reprints:

0.       October 1974                     Skylab, Outpost on the Frontier of Space

1.        June 1980                            Mississippi's Grand Reunion

2.       June 1987                            Patowmack Canal (entire issue sans ads)               

3.       March 1988                         A Centennial Gift to the Nation

4.       December 1988                 Quietly Conserving Nature

5.       May 1989                             Venezuela’s Islands in Time

6.       October 1989                     La Ruta Maya (with map)

7.       January 1990                      The Kremlin and Its Treasures

8.       February 1990                    Between Monterey Tides

9.       January 1991                      The Disease Detectives

Tom Wilson

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I have found a few more reprints since Roger's book.

"Patowmack Canal" from June 1987 (entire issue with no advertisements)

"Venezuela's Islands In Time" from May 1989

"The Kremlin and It's Treasures" from January 1990

"Between Monterey Tides" from February 1990 

I show that I have one more, but I have not found it yet:

"A Centennial Gift To the Nation" from March 1888

Jeff Persons


Thanks so much for the info.


Note: I just updated this discussion with a list incorporating all Post-Nathan Article Reprints of which I am aware at present.

Note: I just added a citation for the June 1980 Article Reprint "Mississippi's Grand Reunion" found by Jeff Persons.

Photo by Jeff Persons



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