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I have most of the original issues from 1935 through 1960,  Some including maps.  Being new to this, Most of them are in what I would call good condition. Let me know if you are looking for a particular issue.  Not trying to get rich just want to get rid of these issues and get them in the hands of a collector.  Willing to sell for a very fair price - Individually or as a whole lot

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Where are you located?


Lexington, Kentucky 

Hi Kathy,

Do you have the October 1941 issue? How much do you want for it?

Do you sell maps separately, or only with their magazine?

You can PM me at vunono at hotmail dot com.

 I do have October 1941 but it is in worse condition than my other issues.  It is missing the back cover and has a tear on the top of the spine.  I could sell it for a discounted price if you are still interested.  I would sell the whole lot for $100. ( I have a total of 103 issues, including several on Buxbaum’s list) I  would rather keep the maps with their issues -  I have Hawaii from July 1960, the world map from Nov 1960, New England from June 1955 and the Soviet Union from Sept 1959

Thank you Kathy, but I'll keep looking for an issue with both covers attached ;)

There are other listings that do not ship outside the United States - as the first one listed above. I know that particular dealer, and as a result of being burned more than once with overseas shipping, he has chosen to no longer ship to Europe.

However, If you make an offer to him that places all the risks on you, he may opt to work with you. All you can do is ask.

Good luck!

Thank you, Melvin. A friend of mine is attending a course in Florida for the next few weeks, so I'm using his temporary American address to fill some gaps in my collection. I've only made a purchase from the US before - a big load of several hundred issues - and the shipping was a bureaucratic nightmare that cost more than the magazines themselves and took months to arrange. It was only possible thanks to the infinite patience and good will of the seller. I also tried to bid in an auction that was announced here a couple of months ago, but they didn't let me use a foreign credit card :(

In that case, I would suggest you contact that first dealer to have him ship to an American address. He may have inventory not listed and when all is said and done, he will offer a multiple purchase discount.

Truth be told, he's a personal friend - but - we became friends because of his honesty, and at one time we lived close enough for me to visit with him and conduct local pick-up. He is an honest broker!



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