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Hi, I'm a collector, looking for old and new issues. The older the better but also need some odd newer issues. I live in Ireland and would gladly pay cash to fill out my collection. Please reply with offers.

Graham Farrell.

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Hi Graham,
I'm Mai from Egypt. I have more than 200 issues from 1956 till 2008. most of them in the 70s, 80s and 90s. if u r interested I can send u their dates exactly. they are in very good conditions. actually it's my first time to try to buy anything so I don't know what's the appropriate price. u decide the price and I'll see if it's appropriate. but be sure that my prices'll be the cheapest ever:D
Hi there,

I have a complete collection that I'd be willing to mail you, if you cover shipping costs. Happy to negotiate price as well. Let me know!

Hi Graham !

I too have a large complete collection of NG. From 1950's - 2004 with maps in very good condition.. There are many complete years in leather bound NG cases. I would be happy to sell any to you if you pay shipping.

Houston, Texas
Hi Graham,
Just spent the day sorting through NG boxes in storage and I have a near complete set from 1930 to present (a few from 1903 to 1929). Some highlights are April 1937 - Colonial Williamsburg, October 1943 - Decorative Medals and Service Ribbons, October 1963 - 75th Anniversary of NG and so many more. I have not finished going through all the boxes but let me know what you are looking for and I'll see if I have a copy for you. If you can pay postage that would be best.
Hi!! Im am movingto another state ! I have my grandfathers collection ! Early60's to mid to later 80'

Free to a good home just pay
to ship!! Just want them to go to someone who wants them!
Hello Graham,

I'm in Peru and I've got several issues of National Geographic from 1942 to 1967, they are bind in HardCover volumen every 5 or 6 months, something like this: from July 1963 to December 1963 in one volumen. If you are interest in buying them please let me know and I can give you a complete detail of all the volumens I've got.

King regards,
Manuela Linares
hi iv'e got books starting from 1922 if you want you can give me dates your looking for i can see what i have. thanks chris

I am selling all issues from 1931 except for November, April, and October, all issues from 1933 except for February, all issues from 1935, all issues from 1936, all issues from 1938 except April, all issues from 1939 except January and February, the December issue from 1953, all issues from 1956 except August and September, and all issues from 1944, 1945, 1947, 1950, 1973, and 1974.



I have a good many issues if you are looking for any in particular let me know i have a range of them from 1930's to 2000's please email me at if you ant to buy. Also some have maps and inserts and i am will to negotiate on price with you.

Hi Graham,

I am a French citizen and magazines are in Paris so it is easy to ship to Ireland or I bring by car.
I have the complete NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE issues from 1929 to 1992 (63 years=756 issues). Not a single issue is missing.
The issues 1929-1962 are leather binded per 6 month issues (2 bindings every year).
The issues 1963-1992 are your usual presentation (yellow frame on the cover)
I am willing to sell this unique collection which is in perfect condition (so far several UK book stores offered me 3000 to 3500 E). Discussions are open to finalize
If interested, please give me a rough estimation.
Awaiting your comments (BUT PLEASE LET'S COMMUNICATE BY EMAIL IT IS EASIER (my email is:
Alexis Strang
Can you give me contact details please of those book stores in the UK. Thanks. We too have a modest collection willing to sell for a fair price. Cheers.

Your bound NGs are all missing covers. So that brings the value down big time. I have a complete collection (1888 to 1907 all bound 1964 reprints, and the rest of the years are single issues, original), and I were to try to sell all of them (they are anywhere from good condition for older years to near mint for later years), I probably would not even get 3000$ 😅..... in total, for all of them I paid around 1300$ (in parts of course).



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