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I have a fairly extensive collection of NG's and many other books by NG for sale.

My mom still has her father in laws old collection. She's in the process of moving in the next couple months and has asked if I'd help her sell these. She made me a reasonably accurate list of what she has. I have thought about Ebay, but I figured I would list what we have on here first as it would be much easier to let them all go as a package. I'll try and attach the document she made which lists what she has. I haven't gotten pictures of everything yet, but I'll do so if there's interest in these.

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A little confused with the inventory:

First conflict:

Are you saying you have 23 copies of the Volume 1, No. 1 reprint; or, are you saying you have 23 reprints beginning with the Volume 1, No. 1 issue; or, are you saying you have 23 of the reprint issues from October 1888 through December 1907 (all of the reprinted issues).

If the second option - which 23 issues are reprints.

If the third option - again, which 23 issues are reprints.

Second conflict (which might be resolved with the answer to the first conflict):

Which issues from 1889 through 1907 that you have listed are originals?

Third conflict:

The 1964 reprints all had the small, all caps, word "REPRINT" centered about 2 inches from the bottom margin of the front cover.

The two 1922 reprints did not have this word, rather they had purplish covers with parallel grey vertical lines. The ONLY 1922 reprints were the April & October 1889 issues, known as Volume I, No's. 2 & 4 respectively. The originals of these issues have the "Red Brick" covers and are the rarest issues of the collection - hence the reprints of 1922 (the most common versions found today).

Can you confirm which version is listed in your inventory, i.e. "original", 1922 reprint, or 1964 reprint?

Thank you in advance for clearing things up.


Thanks for the quick reply! Neither my mother, nor I are experts in NG's so I'll do my best to clarify as needed.

1st Conflict: There are 23 reprints of the 1888 Vol.1 No. 1.

2nd Conflict: All are originals unless noted (ie. 1888)

3rd Conflict: 1922 is complete and all original, not reprints. I don't appear to have any 1964 issues unless they got put in another box and not labeled.

I'll attach some photos that should help as well. I have more photos, but I'll start with the limit to attachments.


Easy issue first:

The NGS produced two reprints in 1922. This is what you have, in Good to VG- condition:

"The two 1922 reprints did not have this word (REPRINT - explained further below), rather they had purplish covers with parallel grey vertical lines. The ONLY 1922 reprints were the April & October 1889 issues, known as Volume I, No's. 2 & 4 respectively. The originals of these issues have the "Red Brick" covers and are the rarest issues of the collection - hence the reprints of 1922 (the most common versions found today).

There were 1,000 copies of each of these reprints and, in Fine condition, normally go for $150 each, though lately I've seen them go for much less.

The originals "in red brick cover" sell for between $7,500 to $10,000 each.

Second issue:

The NGS produced, in 1964, a complete set of reprints for the first 18 volumes (1888 thru 1907), both in individual issue and bound volume format (complete with covers). All reprints have the small, all caps, "REPRINT" located centered and about 2 inches from the bottom of the front covers.

Your pictures of the Sep 1901 and Dec 1902 below are of "originals" not reprints. Are all of your issues through 1907 originals?

1888 reprint:

The NGS also produce reprints of Volume I, No. 1 again in 1975. These are identified by a small number 75 printed in the lower right quadrant of the inside of the back cover. Though there were actually fewer of these printed then the 1964 version, it is the 1964 version that usually sells for about $45, the 1975 normally fetches about $20, though I have seen both go for less.

Additional information you may find interesting:

More pictures...


I might be getting more confused. I've read that very helpful article.

Here's my confusion: when you are talking about 1922 and 1964, are you talking about those years of NG's or are those the years they did the reprints of the 1888 Vol.1 No.1? Now that I am rereading your comments multiple times I think you are referring to the year that the reprints were done of the 1888 first issue and 1889 issues. Is that right? It's starting to make a bit more sense I think.

The remaining ones through 1907 and beyond are originals as far as I understand now. I'll attach a few more pictures again.

On another note, I'm sad to say that this collection was only my grandfather's "extras." He had 3 (I believe) sets of full originals including 1888. When he passed, the family members that were local to him took them to the dump. I wish we would have known at the time.


All of the pictures show originals (except for your 1888 issue), though it is impossible to determine the 1899 bound volume from what I see. It would need further inspection, unless the covers are bound within.

I think you're beginning to get the idea though. I'll try to say it another way.

Volume I, No's. 2 & 4 (April & Oct 1889) are the rarest issues in the original collection.

In 1922, the NGS reprinted these two issues (with their 1889 publication dates) using the purplish covers with parallel vertical stripes to differentiate them from the originals (red brick covers). They published 1,000 reprints of each issue.

In 1964, the NGS reprinted the entire first 18 volumes both in loose individual issues and in bound volumes (with covers bound within). All the covers have the word "REPRINT" on them centered and about 2 inches from the bottom.

In 1975, the NGS reprinted Volume 1, No. 1 (Oct 1888) one more time.

Thanks so much for all the information!!! You've got a wealth of knowledge and it's nice that you share that with the community! I'll get more pictures of the 1896 and 1899 bound editions.

Would you recommend making a package deal for someone or piece by piece? I know it's hard to make a recommendation on that, but I value your input. We're not looking to get top dollar for any of it, but rather make fair deals in order to pass these along to people who will enjoy them.

Thanks again!


See my friend request so we can take the discussion offline.


P.S. I am not looking to make any purchases, but have no problem assisting you in strategy.

More pictures


Hi Jonathan,

I'd be interested in all your pre-1917 unbound issues, except reprints and those without covers. You can PM me via my friend request, or e-mail to vunono @ hotmail .com

I hope that we can get an agreement. 


Juan Carlos.

I've slowly started listing these on Ebay and will continue to list as I get pictures taken and time allows. I figured it will be the easiest way so I don't have to send pictures to each interested individual. I listed them at fixed rate with the option to make an offer.

Thanks to those that have helped me learn a bit more. A huge thanks to Mel for his helpfulness and time he spends helping the NG community!!!



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