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For Sale: Over 65 years of National Geographic Supplements - Maps, Posters, Etc.

A complete list appears below. If interested, please send me a message and I will send you an Excel spreadsheet, which is a little more manageable to read.

Preference given to the sale of entire years, decades or subjects.

I'm thinking $2 each regardless of year, size or subject, but will deal on bulk orders.  Shipping not included unless buying large quantities.  I live in Canada (London, Ontario).  I will provide a shipping estimate in advance.

Thanks for looking.

Year Month Scale (1:x) Map Title Topics
1950 March 12,000,000 Africa and the Arabian Peninsula Map
1950 October 8,000,000 South America Map
1950 December 2,500,000 Western Europe Map
1951 March 15,000,000 Asia and Adjacent Areas Map
1951 June 5,000,000 United States Map
1951 September 2,500,000 Central Europe including the Balkan States Map
1952 January Adoration of the Magi Poster
1952 March 11,000,000 North America Map
1952 September 7,500,000 Far East Map
1952 December 27,500,000 Pacific Ocean Map
1953 March 3,500,000 Mexico and Central America Map
1953 June 5,000,000 Historical map of the US Map, History
1954 March 3,500,000 West Indies Map
1954 June 1,300,000 California Map
1954 December 7,500,000 Northern Africa Map
1955 March 5,000,000 Eastern South America Map
1955 June 760,320 New England Map
1955 September 6,000,000 Southeast Asia Map
1956 June 3,000,000 Alaska Map
1956 September 4,561,920 United States Map
1957 June 6,000,000 Europe Map
1957 September 7,000,000 Antarctica Map
1957 November Mayflower II Poster
1958 January 2,851,200 Southeastern US Map
1958 March 6,652,800 Southern South America Map
1958 May 7,603,200 National Parks: Monuments and Shrines of the US and Canada Map
1958 July 1,837,440 British Isles Map
1958 September 2,154,240 Poland and Czechoslovakia Map
1958 November 2,851,200 North Central US Map
1958 December 1,647,360 Greece and the Aegean Map
1959 January 4,118,400 Lands of the Eastern Mediterranean Map
1959 April 2,851,200 Northeastern United States including the Great Lakes Region Map
1959 June 1,520,640 Germany Map
1959 July 4,118,400 Alaska Map
1959 September 6,336,000 Western USSR Map
1959 November 2,851,200 Southwestern US Map
1960 February 12,165,120 South America Map
1960 June 2,154,240 France, Belgium, and the Netherlands Map
1960 July 5,068,800 Hawaii Map
1960 September 15,840,000 Africa Map
1960 November 63,360,000 World Map
1960 December 3,801,600 Japan and Korea Map
1961 February 2,851,200 South Central US Map
1961 April 2,851,200 Battlefields of the Civil War History, Map
1961 May 8,236,800 Southeast Asia Map
1961 July 7,603,200 United States Map
1961 October 4,942,080 Mexico and Central America Map
1961 November 2,154,240 Italy Map
1961 December 8,870,400 Canada Map
1962 February 2,154,240 Balkans Map
1962 April 36,432,000 Pacific Ocean Map
1962 June 9,504,000 Europe Map
1962 August 1,013,760 United States: Washington to Boston Map
1962 September 7,286,400 East South America Map
1962 November 7,920,000 Southern Africa Map
1962 December 4,942,080 West Indies Map
1963 February 9,820,800 Antarctica Map
1963 April 3,041,280 Scandanavia Map
1963 May 8,236,800 Southwest Asia Map
1963 July 2,851,200 Central Canada Map
1963 September 6,969,600 Australia Map
1963 October 7,920,000 Africa: Countries of the Nile Map
1963 December 506,880 Holy Land Today Map
1964 February 6,652,800 Northwestern South America Map
1964 April 15,206,400 North America Map
1964 May 1,850,000 Shakespeare's Britain History, Map
1964 July 133,056 Greater New York Map
1964 November 6,652,800 China Map
1964 December 76,032 Suburban Washington Map
1965 January 4,707,648 Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand Map
1965 February 39,283,200 World Map
1965 March 2,154,240 Spain and Portugal Map
1965 May 1,330,560 Nile Valley: Land of the Pharaohs Map, History, Culture
1965 September 1,330,560 "Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Italy
The Alps: Europe's Backbone" Map, Topography
1965 November 20,021,760 Top of the World Map
1966 May 1,647,360 Northern California/Southern California Map
1966 July 5,132,160 Vacationlands of the United States and Southern Canada Map, Parks, Vacation
1966 August 7,920,000 Northwest Africa Map
1966 September 5,068,800 Western Canada Map
1967 February 1,900,800 Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand Map
1967 March 11,404,800 Eastern Soviet Union Map
1967 May 2,851,200 Eastern Canada Map
1967 October 19,000,000 Indian Ocean Floor Map, Topography
1967 December 2,851,200 Lands of the Bible Today Map, History, Culture
1968 February 4,561,920 United States Map
1968 June 30,412,800 Atlantic Ocean Floor/Atlantic Ocean Map, Topography
1968 October 2,250,000 Archeological Map of Middle America Archeology, History, Culture
1968 December 6,000,000 Southeast Asia Map
1969 February 11,620,000 Earth's Moon Map, Space, Science
1969 June 6,488,064 Europe Map
1969 October 36,432,000 Pacific Ocean Floor/Pacific Ocean Map, Topography
1970 January 4,815,360 West Indies and Central America Map
1970 June 1,900,800 Traveler's Map of Italy History, Culture
1970 August Heavens Space, Astronomy
1970 December 39,283,200 How Man Pollutes His World/World World Map, Environment
1971 March 13,812,480 Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia/Asia History, Culture, Geography
1971 June 1,900,800 Traveler's Map of France History, Culture, Travel
1971 October 10,011,000 Arctic Ocean Floor Map, Topography
1971 December 14,572,800 Peoples of Africa History, Culture, Geography
1972 March 7,460,000 "Canada
Ice Age Animals of the Alaskan Tundra" Map, Animals, Climate
1972 July 7,096,000 Cultural Map of the Middle East Culture, History
1972 October 10,700,000 South America History, Geography
1972 December 10,610,000 Indians of North America Map, History, Culture
1973 February 31,770,000 Red Planet: Mars Space, Map
1973 March 2,000,000 Close-up: U.S.A.: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming Culture, History, Geography
1973 May 3,803,000 Mexico/Central America Map
1973 August 1,570,000 Close-up: U.S.A.: Wisconsin, Michigan, and the Great Lakes Culture, History, Geography
1973 September Teammates in mankind's greatest adventure Astronauts
1973 November 1,331,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Florida with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Culture, History, Geography
1974 March 2,350,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri Culture, History, Geography
1974 April 1,675,000 Traveler's Map of the British Isles History, Culture, Travel
1974 June 1,700,000 Close-up: U.S.A.: California, Nevada Culture, History, Geography
1974 December 18,000,000 Discoverers of the Pacific Culture, History
1975 March 1,050,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Maine with the Maritime Provinces of Canada Culture, History, Geography
1975 June 3,295,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Alaska Culture, History, Geography
1975 July 614,600 Close-Up: U.S.A.: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut Culture, History, Geography
1975 October 1,780,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi Culture, History, Geography
1975 November 48,140,000 World Political & Physical
1976 February 10,140,000 Peoples of the Soviet Union/Soviet Union Culture, History, Geography
1976 April 675,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Hawaii Culture, History, Geography
1976 July 4,560,000 Portrait U.S.A. Map, Satellite Photo
1976 October 886,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia Culture, History, Geography
1976 December 58,090,000 Whales of the World Whale, Wildlife
1977 February 1,267,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky Culture, History, Geography
1977 May 6,488,000 Celtic Europe/Europe History, Culture
1977 July 8,250,000 Wild and Scenic Rivers Environment, Nature
1977 October 2,124,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado Culture, History, Geography
1977 December 11,400,000 Colonization and Trade in the New World History, Culture
1978 January 1,215,000 Close-Up: U.S.A.: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Culture, History, Geography
1978 April 3,500,000 Close-Up: Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory Culture, History, Geography
1978 July 24,000 Heart of the Grand Canyon/Grand Canyon Map, Satellite Photo
1978 September 6,700,000 "Middle East
Early Civilizations in the Middle East" Culture, History, Geography
1978 December 3,000,000 Close-Up: Canada: Ontario Culture, History, Geography
1979 February 6,394,000 Australia: Land of Living Fossils/Australia Nature, Wildlife
1979 May 2,600,000 Close-Up: Canada: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories History, Culture, Geography
1979 August 20,000,000 Bird Migration in the Americas/Americas Nature, Birds
1980 February 14,400,000 Africa: Its Political Development/Africa History, Culture, Politics
1980 May 3,700,000 Close-Up: Canada: Quebec, Newfoundland History, Culture, Geography
1980 July 6,000,000 Peoples of China/China History, Culture
1980 September 12,000,000 Mideast in Turmoil: Two Centuries of Conflict in the Middle East History, Culture
1980 December 5,148,000 Visitor's Guide to the Aztec World/Mexico and Central America History, Culture
1981 February 4,500,000 Tourist Islands of the West Indies/West Indies and Central America
1981 April 1,071,000 Ireland and Northern Ireland: A Visitor's Guide History, Travel
1981 July Solar System Space, Science
1981 December 39,370,000 World/World Ocean Floor World & Ocean Floor Map
1982 March 22,500,000 Indians/Archeology of South America History, Culture, Archeology
1982 April Face and Faith of Poland History, Culture, Modern Poland
1982 September 4,560,000 America's Federal Lands/United States Geography, Natural Hertiage
1982 November 2,167,000 Making of America: Southwest History, Culture, Geography
1982 December 4,730,000 Historic Mediterranean/Mediterranean Seafloor History, Culture
1983 February 8,721,000 Peoples of the Arctic History, Culture, Geography
1983 March 1,318,000 Making of America: Atlantic Gateways History, Culture, Geography
1983 June Journey into the Universe through Space and Time Space, Science
1983 August 2,566,000 Making of America: Deep South History, Culture, Geography
1983 November 865,100 Making of America: Hawaii History, Culture, Geography, Birds
1984 January 4,295,000 Making of America: Alaska History, Culture, Geography
1984 April 1,871,000 Making of America: Far West History, Culture, Geography
1984 June 2,982,000 Japan/Historical Japan History, Culture
1984 August 2,000,000 Making of America: Central Rockies Nature, Geology, Culture
1984 October 1,850,000 Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal Travel, Culture
1984 December 6,522,000 Peoples of South Asia/South Asia with Afghanistan and Burma People, Culture
1985 February 1,735,000 Making of America: Northern Approaches History, Exploration, Culture
1985 April 1,057,000 Traveler's Map of the Alps Geoology, Culture
1985 August 78,890,000 Shaping of a Continent: North America's Active West Geology
1985 September 2,301,000 Making of America: Central Plains History, Culture
1985 November 6,929,000 Canada's Vacationlands/Canada Nature, Geography, Culture
1985 December 1,551,000 Making of America: Ohio Valley History, Culture
1986 March 2,736,000 Making of America: Texas History, Culture
1986 April 2,534,000 Central America Past and Present History, Geography, Culture
1986 July 2,844,000 History of the Philippines/Philippines History, Geography, Culture
1986 August 2,216,000 Making of America: Pacific Northwest History, Geography, Culture
1986 November 17,500,000 Where Did Columbus Discover America? History, Exploration
1986 December 2,440,000 Making of America: Northern Plains History, Geography, Culture
1987 February 1,056,000 Making of America: New England History, Geography, Culture
1987 April 9,469,000 Pinnipeds Around the World/Antarctica Nature, Seals
1987 July 2,309,000 Making of America: Great Lakes History, Geography, Culture
1987 September 4,560,000 Territorial Growth of the United States/United States History, Geography, Politics
1987 November 4,395,000 Making of America: West Indies History, Geography, Culture
1988 February 8,044,000 Traveler's Look at Australia Travel, Culture
1988 June 1,260,000 Making of America: Tidewater and Environs History, Geography, Culture
1988 November 50,000 Mount Everest Science, Contour Map
1988 December 30,840,000 Endangered Earth Environment, Nature
1989 February 413,500 Special Places of the World: Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nature, Wildlife, Geology
1989 June March Toward Extinction Nature, Environment
1989 July 2,280,000 Historical France: Evolution of a Nation/France History, Geography, Culture
1989 October 1,609,000 Land of the Maya: A Traveler's Map Travel, Culture
1989 November 23,000,000 Asia-Pacific Geography, Trade
1989 December 405,500 Special Places of the World: Holy Land History, Culture
1990 January 31,860,000 World Ocean Floors: Arctic Ocean/Atlantic Ocean Science, Geology, Exploration
1990 March 10,140,000 Soviet Union History, Geography, Culture, Politics
1990 August Portraits of Our Celestial Family Space, Science
1990 September 28,050 Special Places of the World: New York City History, Geography
1990 December 14,220,000 Africa: Threatened Nature, Environment
1991 February 5,877,000 States in Turmoil: The Middle East/Middle East History, Culture, Politics
1991 March 2,362,000 Making of Canada: Quebec History, Culture, Geography
1991 July 7,819,000 China History, Culture, Geography
1991 September 1,581,000 Traveler's Map of Germany/Germany Travel, Culture
1991 October 7,747,000 Native American Heritage: A Visitors Guide Travel, Culture
1991 December 12,470,000 World War II: Europe and North Africa/Asia and the Pacific History, War
1992 February 15,040,000 Spain in the Americas History, Culture
1992 April 2,914,000 Making of Canada: British Columbia History, Culture, Geography
1992 June 37,870,000 World Ocean Floors: Pacific Ocean/Indian Ocean Science, Geology, Exploration
1992 August 11,890,000 Amazonia: A World Resource at Risk Nature, Environment
1992 October 2,382,000 Southwest U.S.A. History, Culture
1992 December 8,400,000 Europe Geography
1993 January 19,112,000 North America in the Age of Dinosaurs Science, Paleontology
1993 March 10,140,000 Communism to Capitalism/Russia and CIS History, Culture, Economics
1993 July 2,208,000 Coastal California Geography
1993 November 4,560,000 Water/United States Environment, Geography
1994 February 33,120,000 World Countries, Physical
1994 May 3,805,000 Alaska Culture, Wildlife
1994 July 1,000,000 Boston to Washington Cicra 1830 History
1994 September 4,358,000 Traveler's Map of Mexico/Mexico Travel, Culture, History
1994 December 3,017,000 Making of Canada: Prairie Provinces History, Culture, Geography
1995 January 850,000 Egypt's Nile Valley History, Culture
1995 February 1,765,000 Historical Italy History, Culture
1995 April 48,000,000 Earth's Fractured Surface/Living on the Edge Geology, Plate Tectonics, Science
1995 July 2,847,000 Heart of the Rockies Science
1995 September 850,000 Hawaii Geology, Culture, Wildlife
1995 December Star Birth in the Orion Nebula Space, Science
1996 February 7,080,000 Indonesia Wildlife, Geography, Cutlure
1996 April 84,840 Old City: Jerusalem History, Culture
1996 June 2,667,000 Making of Canada: Ontario History, Culture, Geography
1996 October 6,766,000 Federal Lands in the Fifty States/United States Environment, Parks
1996 December 18,500,000 Mongols History, Culture
1997 February 35,660,000 Dawn of Humans Anthropology
1997 May 7,345,000 South Asia with Afghanistan and Myanmar/India History, Culture, Geography
1997 September 6,186,000 Making of Canada: The North History, Culture, Geography
1997 December 2,400,000 Mesoamericans History, Culture, Geography
1998 February 54,109,440 Millennium in Maps: Exploration History, Exploration
1998 May 54,100,000 Millennium in Maps: Physical Earth Science, Plate Tectonics, Geology, Etc.
1998 July 16,000,000 Natural Hazards of North America Science, Weather, Earthquakes, Floods
1998 October 54,109,440 Millennium in Maps: Population Population, History, Geography
1998 December 2,074,000 Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal Travel, History, Culture
1999 February 54,109,440 Millennium in Maps: Biodiversity Science, Biology
1999 May 7,100,000 Caspian Sea/Caspian Region History, Culture, Geography
1999 August 54,109,440 Millennium in Maps: Cultures History, Culture
1999 October Millennium in Maps: Milky Way Space, Science
2000 February 2,850,000 Balkans/Plight of the Refugees History, Culture, Invasions
2000 June 1,829,000 Traveler's Map of Britain and Ireland History, Culture
2000 July 6,766,055 Australia: Under Siege Environment
2000 September 4,499,000 Western Migration/Pathfinders: 1841-1869 History, Culture
2000 December 22,000,000 Dawn of Humans: Peopling of the Americas/Americas History, Culture
2001 February 27,400,000 Mars Revealed Space, Science, Climate, Geology
2001 July 57,000,000 Sunken Treasures History, Culture
2001 September 17,531,000 Africa's Natural Realms Nature, Culture
2001 December 3,363,300 Afghanistan: Land in Crisis/Afghanistan and Pakistan History, Culture
2002 February 9,200,000 Antarctica: A New Age of Exploration Geology, Climate, Exploration
2002 September 49,611,000 World Transformed/Thirsty Planet Environment
2002 October 2,281,000 Heart of the Middle East History, Culture, Geography
2003 March 3,737,000 Traveler's Map of the West Indies Culture, History, Travel
2003 May 36,000 Everest 50/Sagarmatha National Park Culture, Exploration
2003 July 1,560,000 Two Koreas History, Culture, Geography
2003 December 100 Years of Flight Science, Technology
2004 April 36,800,000 Bird Migration in the Eastern/Western Hemispheres Nature, Birds
2004 July New Views of Our Sun Science, Space
2004 September 8,427,000 North American Indian Culture/Indian Country History, Culture, Geography
2004 November 46,360,000 World/Earth at Night Space, Light Pollution
2005 April 2,950,000 Battles of the Civil War History, Culture, War
2005 December Sea Monsters Dinosaurs
2006 April 55,630,000 Earthquakes: Living with the Threat Nature
2006 June Soccer Unites the World Sports
2006 October 5,200,000 United States Natural History
2006 December Solar System Space, Science
2007 May 4,650,000 A World Transformed/Jamestown History, Culture
2007 August 4,587,000 Mexico and Central America/The Dividing Link Geology, Culture
2007 October 83,000,000 Climate Change Nature, Climate
2007 December Planet of the Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
2008 May 8,250,000 China/The Forbidden City History, Culture
2008 August 3,254,000 Iran/The Empire of Persia History, Culture
2008 December 1,530,000 Crucible of History/Jerusalem's Holy Ground History, Culture
2009 April 10,505,000 Arctic Ocean: The Unexpected Frontier Science, Environment, Climate, Geology
2009 July 4,300,000 Southeast Asia/Khmer Rouge History, Culture

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Hello, Dejan.

I do not have the magazines. This ad is just for the inserts that came with the magazines -- maps, posters, etc. Is that what you are looking for?




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