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Is Collectors Corner meeting the needs of National Geographic collectors? What should be added to Collectors Corner to make it more useful? Is the content optimally organized? Are there portions that are of little use and should be deleted?

How would you make Collectors Corner more useful? Please reply with specifics. Cathy Hunter and I will review your suggestions and try to get them implemented. Thank you.

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Hi Richard

I would say that in my experience, people are skiddish about buying other than locally since buyers and sellers tend to have little information about shipping costs.  It would be helpful to have some sort of round number reference for issue weight and size [perhaps per 12 issues, knowing there will be small variances], based on ground shipping of course.  That way people who are looking for issues could do so far from home, having at hand at least a decent understanding of budgetary shipping costs...just a thought...if this topic already exists, perhaps make mention of it anew...


Type of mailing, e.g. USPS, UPS, freight make a difference. As well, the date of mailing, i.e. prices invariably go up.

I've quoted a couple of bulk shipping prices at the end of my Selling Guide. You, or anyone else, are welcome to quote them and/or use them as a starting point for any such reference.

A summary may be useful with links to USPS, UPS etc.

As far as expediency, but not the least expensive, is the "if it fits, it ships" USPS priority medium rate boxes. They accept a full year of NGM's, well packaged to avoid damages.


Update the quick links in the upper left margin of the home page.

Thanks, Melvin. I've been looking for the old files that support those quick links. The only one I'm finding so far is for the Dealers Directory. Will keep working on it though.

Greatly appreciated!

BTW - that one link is invaluable, i.e. Dealers Directory.



I second the assertion of the value of the "Dealers Directory".  I've used it multiple times and am continuing to peruse it.

Tom Wilson

Ning has deleted the two links that no longer worked, and I've added one that points to .com's "latest stories" page. 



I wish the mini-bio profiles of the 33 founders were (still) available. E.g., the ones that were written for the 125th.


  Ning has deleted the link that no longer worked. Providing a new link may take me some time (and getting some technical advice), since I think we'll need to make a new file from an internal source and then upload it.

Hope all is well with you,


Would publication checklists be of value to collectors?

Do you mean similar to Roger Nathan's checklists? If so, yes!



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