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An interesting piece of minutia, re: Volume I Title page front & back

There is but one way any collector may view/touch a Volume I Title page.

The collector must have had access to a complete original Volume II, No. 5.

Generally speaking, the NGS published a Title Page, Table of Contents and Index for each volume in the last issue of that volume. Yes, there are many exceptions.

However, the NGS did not do this for Volume I. Instead, they began this custom with Volume II and chose to "make up" for their Volume I by publishing a combined Volume I/II Table of Contents and Index.

Now, the publication format for doing this was to include the index that continued the page number sequence immediately after the last printed page of the last issue in the volume. Then the NGS had a blank page or two and provided the Volume Title Page and Table of Contents. In this way, the pages could be gently removed from the issue (along with covers) and placed at the beginning of a bound collection for the entire volume.

The NGS did not use this format for Volume II, No. 5. The issue was essentially the index. It also included announcements and a membership roster. Still, the Table of Contents and Index were combined for Volumes I & II. The Title Page, however, was for Volume II not Volume I & II, and was placed at the beginning of the issue.

After the combined Table of Contents, the NGS published four or five blank pages THEN provided a Volume I Title Page.

In the 1964 REPRINT production, the Volume I Title Page must have been discarded along with all the other blank pages. You see, the NGS pulled apart "originals" to photocopy page by page (except they used the 1922 reprints for Volume I, No's 2 and 4, see Buxbaum, 3rd edition) for the REPRINT production for both individual and bound copies for the first 18 volumes.


The Volume I Title Page does not exist in either the bound reprint Volumes or the individual reprints.

You must have access to a complete original Volume II, No. 5 to see it - until now!

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Thank you so much for these images, Mel.  I've already printed them to include with my collection.

BTW: You might want to move this discussion out of Buy/Sell/Trade.  It's a keeper.


Is there a mechanism by which I can move the discussion or must I repost it?

you go into "options" at the upper right, and click the drop down "edit discussion" and you'll see category options.....

Tom once suggested I do this for another posting (perhaps a couple of years ago) and I did not understand.

As my father-in-law used to say - it's a crime to grow old...

Thanks Scott!

Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks - it just takes a while to sink in...


Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but Scott took care of it.

As many mistakes I make, I edit my discussions all the time.

If I recall, the earlier discussion you mentioned was your dog's obit.

You are correct - Jan 2015. What a memory!

Thanks for the guidance!


Stellar  piece of "minutia" to share, Mel. Only us hardcore Nat Geo-ophiles would care! 



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