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2016 issues differences between online archive and Australian edition

After some delay, I managed to find some time and compare my issues with the online archive. As per my previous posts (see here for an example), I will make a posting of all differences I see between the online version, and the physical copies we receive here in Australia. I will focus on 2015 next.

2016 December:

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition (as you will see, is the case for all except June!).

-"A sleighful of Santas, surveyed" page is missing.

-Like the 2017 edition, on my page of "World Beat" I do not have the "Statement of Ownership, Management, and Monthly Circulation of National Geographic" info. I first noticed this section in my 2018 December issue. Never prior to this. It has been in 2019, 2020, and 2021 December (I assume it will also be in December 2022).

2016 November:

-Front cover different to online edition (says Free Poster at the top).

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-"Sahara's Coolest Ants" page is missing.

2016 October:  

-Front cover is "The New Europeans" story as opposed to the Selfie Generation one.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-"Echoes of Pompeii Found in Frange" page missing.

2016 September:  

-Front cover identical save for a small change in top right hand corner of text. Text is "Lost Empire of the Maya" instead of the TV guide message.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-"Small Cats" page is missing.

2016 August:  

-Front cover identical save for the text on the top left hand corner. It is missing in the Australian edition.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-"Reflection" page is missing.

2016 July:  

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-"Urban Wildlife" of "YourShot" page is missing and is repalced by a "Celebrations" YourShot page:

One of the first time I feel like an Australian edition has something not present in the online Archive (I wonder if this is present in the physical non Australian copies?)!

-"The World in 1550" spread missing.

2016 June:  

-Urban planning page missing from Australian edition.

-Thank you page missing (interestingly, the credits page is present here!)

2016 May:  

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-Visits Rise, Profitably pages missing.

-The Best in Yellowstone page missing.

-Planet Earth - 10 Best Everything page missing.

-Planet Earth - Trail Mix page missing.


2016 April:  

-Front cover of the Black and White Lemur in my issue. I have never seen any of the other 9 covers in the Australian wild so to speak.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-A Plant That Preys page is missing.

-As the Trash Turns page is missing.

-93 Days of Spring has additional pages in the Australian copy. I am not sure if the online edition accidentally ommitted these pages indicating day 1 to day 93 (6 pages in total, 2 short regular sizes, 4 long/extended). Example page shown below:

2016 March:  

-Cover like the newstand version without barcode.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-Crop Diversity page missing.

2016 February:  

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

-Planet Earth: Parks page missing.

-Catch a Tiger by the App pages missing.

2016 January:

-Front cover online is different from my physical copy: "Why we need wild" vs. "The Power Of Parks A yearlong celebration of our common ground". Alll other text identical. As such, on contents page, "On the cover" legend is different based on what the cover looks like. And of course, both images present in the story within this issue.

-"Credits" page is missing in Australian edition.

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