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Unless I'm missing it, Philip did not include a September 2008 supplement in his excellent photo albums of all supplements.  However, I see ebay listings for what appears to be a supplement for that month, titled "Incredible India".  If anyone has a copy, could they confirm that this is a supplement for that month?  Thanks. 


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There does seem to be a Dow advertizement supplement from this issue with 2 world maps entitled "Signs & Solutions for a Thirsty Planet".  I cannot find anything on "Incredible India" other than the fact that it is the title of a series of books.  There are no articles in the September 2008 issue about, or related to, India.  Is this item still on eBay?  I can't seem to find it.


No such supplement "by that name" exists for the year of 2008 - or any other year for that matter.

No supplement exists for that month of that year.

To eleborate more on what Mike described below:

The Dow advertisment is a bound "pocket page" with a pull out (from the top) three page two fold advertisement measuring 5 3/4 inches by 10 inches when folded and inserted into the pocket - which itself is smaller than the printed page.

That's absolutely correct, Mel.  What I was describing was the pull out only, not the pocket it came in.  The pocket has another title: "Just How Thirsty is Our Planet and Can it be Quenched?" and a bit more info on the back.  I was only concerned with the loose pull out because it may qualify as another supplement for XYZ.


At the moment it doesn't sound like this qualifies, so I'm not going to add it to XYZ.  Thanks for the information!

The insert "Incredible India" is from 2008 and was an insert for National Geographic Traveler. It appears that it was glued to a page in the magazine. Mine has marks on the back from the sticky glue. I hope this clears up any confusion about the map.



Not only does it clear it up, your input also shows me I should be more explicit with my statements.

When I make such declarative statements as "No such supplement 'by that name' exists..." I should clearly indicate that I am referring "ONLY" to the National Geographic Magazine (NGM) as this is the only NG issue I collect.

This forum is called the National Geographic Collectors Corner which implies "all things" National Geographic. Hence, my absolute statement was incorrect as it applied ONLY to the NGM and not “all things” National Geographic.

Thanks again for the clarity!





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