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I was recently fortunate enough to acquire an original copy of the very rare 1897 lecture to the NGS „The Annexation of Hawaii“ in excellent condition. Never thought I would see a copy of this. I believe this May be one of only 4 or so copies extant. The others I have been able to track down are at Ohio State University, Stanford University and in the National Library of Australia. Another copy sold at auction in California for $3000 in December 2021.

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Impressive acquisition, Larry.

Larry, thank-you for sharing this with us! Congratulations on this, and I do hope you enjoy it much! I appreciate the nice image of the front cover.

~ Scott 

This is a "Fine" copy of Buxbaum's Ephemera: The Great Rarities #11. Annexation of Hawaii. et al.

The copy he cited on pg 175 of his 1971 Collector's Guide was the only known copy at that time. In his description he declares "a map of Hawaii is on the back cover."

I have two copies of this pamphlet (one poor and the other fair (+) to good (-) in condition) but neither copy has a map of Hawaii on the back cover.

I have through the years spoken to two other owners of a copy of this pamphlet and neither of them had a map of Hawaii on the back cover.

So, I have doubted whether or not my pamphlets were originals, copies, or reprints. On the other hand, Buxbaum may have had a unique/special publication.

Does your copy have a map of Hawaii on the back cover?

Thank you in advance for your time.



My copy has neither the map of Hawaii on the back cover nor the list of lectures mentioned by Buxbaum in his 1971 Collectors Guide. Having obtained this from Nick Koopman's family, I consider the providence of this to be accurate. It is an original issue and 16 pages in length. Interestingly the copy Buxbaum referred to in the guide belonged to Loy McCandless Marks of Hawaii.The bulk of my pre-1900 collection was acquired from Marks' collection when one of his daughters put this up for auction following the death of his wife Elizabeth Marks. The Annexation of Hawaii was not part of that auction lot.


...provenance and authenticity ...

I was fortunate enough to acquire some old volume indices from Nick before he passed.

When did he pass?

About four months ago I was conversing with a "returning" collector who was negotiating with Nick's daughter for old issues. She was trying to sell Nick's entire inventory as he had slipped into the early stages of dementia but was still very much alive.

Again, this was about four months ago.

Sorry Mel,

After I bought my indices, I tried to contact him several times with no luck.  I just assume the worst, knowing he wasn’t in the best of health.


Nick Koopman is still alive. Nick Koopman's son Nick Koopman Jr. passed away on July 29th 2023.

There is a "collector" of sorts in OKC that asked me to assess his collection a few years ago.

He had a copy of this pamphlet in an unopened archival sleeve he had acquired directly from Buxbaum in the early 70's, i.e., it had Buxbaum's signature and date guaranteeing authenticity. Unfortunately, I did not have access to the back cover.

It is quite possible this was the very copy Buxbaum was referencing in his 1971 Guide.

Basically, this collector's entire (early issue) collection was assembled in this manner - purchased from Buxbaum and sealed (never opened).

Agree - provenance is important, but not foolproof.

My copy does not have a map of Hawaii on the back cover either. I have never come across a copy that does.



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