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  Dear collaborator !

my name is André Savard  and  I own this  amazing  National Geographic  book Collection  from 1972 to 1995

all in mint condition, see all the fact and  specifications on   a National Geographic Society book club to see  my add  to promote and sale  this collection,


Also would you be as so kind as to give  me an appraisal of the value of this collection and should you be interested I would  consider giving you a fair price !


Hope to hear from you soon !

                    see my YouTube Account by typing QuantaXp in Google

Andre Savard  

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Because there were over 6 million copies each month,  there is little or no monetary value of Nat Geo magazines from 1970 till today. There is however tremendous ascetic and personal value to your collection. All of us collectors feel the same way you do in the way we feel about our collections. But we know where the real value is. The money issues don't materialize till you go back pre 1940 and they must be in near mint condition because even back then there were millions of copies each month. I share your love of these beautiful editions but there are just too many of them out there. I hope this gives you an idea of their monetary worth...




Thank you for your reply Phil, my thoughts on these book is that paper and print are being  replaced by digital image and that make paper a future rarity , I believe that  a bookcase fill with slipcases of NGS magazine look vary distinguish inn  a professional context, there got to be  some young  smart collector who would appreciate such a collection.  A few years ago I was given the mandate to sell  a collection for a elderly man  it was  from the beginning of NGS magazine print ,  unfortunately I passed away and that ended my right to sell them !  See a photo of the collection  as attachment. and it's owner  a distinguish man by the name of Mr. Frank

What I am getting at  is that National Geographic Society is putting a lot of effort to sell their product but not enough to help those who invested in them to find a viable new owner, and that brings to the  replacement value of my collection priced at  6$ for NG after 1970.. on there site !

 If I don't sell them I will put them in a time capsule somewhere  safe  and one day in a far future someone will find them,  it    will be worth something then !  

  Thank you ! and excuse my frustration on the subject !

                                                                                                              Mr Frank was  a good man !

I completely understand your frustration and believe as you do Andre'.

I had collected over the years well over 6,000 "extras" in addition to my own personal collection of both individual issues and bound volumes. These extras (at least 4 complete sets from 1920 through 1990) were all in Very Good condition. I recycled any issue not VG or better. I also had multiple extras of everything from 1915 through 1919 in mostly good condition and still many more (though not complete) from 1910 through 1914.

My goal was to open an eBay store of high quality merchandise. I had everything cataloged and ready to photograph for listing, but I was in no hurry.

Unfortunately, we had to move in 2013. Nobody wanted my extras and we couldn't afford to ship them (in addition to my personal collection).

I made a deal with a fellow collector, and friend, to "take" all he could carry from 1920 on if he would sell on consignment everything from 1910 through 1919. He agreed. He is "still" selling some of those items of consignment for me, and the 1910's through 1919 are in relatively high demand when compared to those 1920 and newer.

When he left our house I still had four 55 gallon drums of NG issues from the 50's to 1999 that I recycled. We moved three weeks later.

I do understand.




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