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Does anyone else have a BOUND 1964 reprint volume w/ any pages bound in upside down?

See here: 

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    My volume IV 1992-93 is OK.  The page mentioned is not just upside down but in the wrong place. The page before the March 21 cover is the back cover for the March 26 issue, NOT page 42. Page 42 comes after P. 41 IN the March 21 issue. This was probably a binders error by the Nat Geo Society printers in 1964. I will have to  look through all my bound reprint issues to find further errors.




That's 1892-93.....

Hi Philip,


As usual, I don't have my own copies to refer to (where I'm at). I laughed when I read your comment. I felt like something was wrong with that photo besides the upsidedown-ness, but didn't put my finger on the fact of the rear cover from the adjacent issue...

I've perused my bound 1964 volumes pretty closely in the past, and thus far I have never found/noticed any collatiing errors. Thankfully!

 -- Scott



My collection is mostly individual issues but I do have 4 bound reprint volumes to cover 10 issues I still need.  They include volumes III, IV, V, and VII.  Your query gave me the excuse to revisit these volumes, an exercise that was quite enjoyable.  As with Phil's volume, mine shows no misplaced pages.  To my disappointment though, my volume VII is missing the sketch map of Japan in September's issue.  It should be between plate XXX and page 285.  If it was removed by someone they did it expertly because I see no evidence that it was ever there.

I have the individual September issue (also a reprint) with the map present.  It shows the area of destruction from the June 15, 1896 tsunami which is eerily similar to the more recent one of March 11, 2011.

I would like to verify that it was removed.  Does anyone have the map intake in their bound reprint volume for 1896?



My bound reprint of Volume VII has the map of Japan exactly where my loose original has it bound.

I do have one plate, Plate 12 of Volume IX (bound reprint), that is loose - as if it had never been bound, i.e. was missed in the binding process but successfully made the journey from beginning until my acquisition. It is the only loose page (and only blemish) I have in the complete bound reprint set.

This plate, like the one of Japan in Volume VII, is near the beginning of the issue and just slightly larger than a full sized page. I suspect this might be what happened to your missing page (especially since there appears no stub to indicate it may have been cut out), and, unfortunately, yours did not successfully make the journey.


Thanks Mel


  I checked my Plate 12 in Volume IX  and it is firmly attached BUT it also is bigger than the other pages and actually sticks out at the top and bottom of the volume. All other pages are flush with the book.  Maybe this page is not as "bound" as the  rest of the volume and thus came loose in your volume. An interesting situation.....


Perhaps indicative of a larger quality control problem...

If so, it would surprise me a little as I have been under the impression it wasn't until the mid '70's that the NGS began to loosen their print standards.


Unfortunately I have no bound volume IX and my September 1898 issue is an original.  I notices my Bitter Root Forest map (plate 12) is flush with the other pages and a full two-page size folded in half.  I'm assuming that reprints are folded in a different location due to the fact that reprints are wider than the originals of that era. 

Hello Scott , I just noticed your question and recalled I have a hard cover book " Our Changing EARTH " from 1994 - two actually one is normal but the other one is in mint condition but upside down and back to front and the pages have been trimmed wrongly i.e.. the wording on the last page has at the top been cut through the entire book is cut incorrectly have you heard of this before ? Cheers Brian


Not counting discussions on any of the Reprints, or Bound-volume reprint editions, yours may be the first time I have specifically heard someone say they had such a misprint. Being that that title is from 1994, I am still a bit surprised to even hear it. I know Mel has raised the issue of the quality control declining from the 1970's, but with all respect I have always observed that the train really seems to have gone off the rails from the late 90's at earliest, and especially true from the early-mid 2000's forward.

It's an interesting defect, upside down and back-to-front. So no, for the books, I have not see this. Now for the Nat Geo Magazine, there was one very interesting misprint which came to light. The November 1985 issue w/ the Taureg skull hologram had at least one that was double-struck and actually got to a member. 

Back in 2008 fellow 'Corner member Chris McIlwain showed us his. I've attached the image of the cover. Also, another member spoke up about receiving his June 2009 NGM with the same type of mis-binding as your "Our Changing Earth" (no image given).

Meanwhile, the only issue I have personally received was April 2010, the special "Water" issue. I purchased a newsstand copy at-random, to add to my member's copy, and the newsstand copy has 2 sheet pages (4 pages) that are not only a double set, but they are upside down. See 2 sample images I attach here. 

For any one of us who accrues an NGS book, or NGM issue w/ any misprints, or mis-bindings, I wonder how many more come down the press line but are 'caught' in Q.C. ?

       ~ Scott 



I just notice a back cover page in my 1896, Vol. VII Bound Reprint that is reversed, and cut wrong.  It is the April number and it has the back cover advertising the May number on the inside (red ink) and the NatGeo magazine description on the outside (black ink).  The pages are right side up, just in the wrong order.

As I stated, this cover is trimmed wrong, with the outer edges of the pages (that should have been the inner edges) cut almost right up to the wording on the pages.  Down near the binding on part of the page that should have been trimmed of are labels for placement of page "Cover 1896 No. 4" in red and "Back up 1896 No.4" in black on the other side.




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